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Mega Millions Triumph for David Sneath

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A warehouse worker from the Detroit suburb of Livonia immediately left his job of 34 years when he realised he was a Mega Millions jackpot winner. David Sneath landed the $136 million prize from the August 14th, 2008 Mega Millions draw and was still in a state of shock when he received his cheque from Lottery HQ in Lansing, downtown Detroit.

It was a life changing amount of money for the 60 year old but he took it all in his stride. Once he’d got over the excitement, of course.





Although professing to be numb with shock, the Detroit Mega Millions winner had the presence of mind to tell his boss he was leaving and had already begun to formulate plans for the money. He said he was going to buy a cottage on Mullett Lake, North Michigan, maybe a boat or two so he could go fishing, and he was going to get laser surgery so he didn’t have to wear glasses anymore.

He was even considering taking the time to finish his warehousing and marketing degree, for which he was 8 points short of completion. Though what he was going to use it for after his triumph in the Mega Millions Lottery Detroit was anyone’s guess.

Sneath also had a double celebration on the day he realised he had the winning Mega Millions numbers. It was his 60th birthday. When he called his family, including his ‘significant’ ex-wife Deborah, none of them believed he had pocketed the top prize. They were all at the presentation though, including his daughter whose son had purchased the ticket on his grandfather’s behalf.




Like many Americans who do the lottery, Sneath opted to go for the lump sum payment if he won the big Mega Millions jackpot. That meant he took home $59.6 million after taxes. The ex- worker confessed that he normally bought lottery tickets with four colleagues from the warehouse but had decided on this occasion to get his daughter’s son to buy them. The $15 investment turned out to be the best of his life as he netted the Mega Millions jackpot.

But Sneath wasn’t going to forget his colleagues at work. He planned to give them a million dollars each to ease their pain. It’s the least he should do, he said.


Sneath let slip that he would like to get back with his ex-wife now that he was a multi-millionaire following his success in the Detroit Mega Millions Lottery , though what Deborah thought of that is not recorded. But it was clear that the 60 year old warehouse man was still in love with his ex.

He did manage to cause a little controversy when he said that he wouldn’t buy a Ford with his winnings. After indignation from his colleagues at the Ford Warehouse where he worked, Sneath wisely revised his statement saying that he was going to buy himself a Lincoln Navigator and was planning to get his son a new Ford as well.

The winning Mega Millions numbers were 04, 17, 26, 46 and 56 with a Mega Ball of 25. Sneath said that they were a rehash of an old quick pick selection that he had from a while back.

This goes to show that staying with the same numbers can sometimes pay dividends.

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