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A Coke, a Moon Pie and a Mega Millions Jackpot Ticket

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On 1st September 2009 the Georgia Mega Millions Jackpot was won by Wayne Reese from Sharpsburg, with the Mega Millions Quick Pick numbers 2, 9, 28, 51, 53 and the Mega Ball of 19. Reese won the Mega Millions jackpot of $12 million.

















Mega Millions lottery winner, Wayne Reese, aged 54, stopped to buy a Moon Pie and a Coca-cola Zero on his way home from work. Reese often shops at Red and Ed’s Convenience Store which is situated at 874 Corinth Road in Newnan and this time he decided to buy a Mega Millions Quick Pick ticket.

The day after the lottery, Wayne Reese was checking the Georgia lottery site to see if anyone had won the Mega Millions jackpot when he discovered that he actually was the Mega Millions lottery winner. “I said, ‘Phew’ like Ric Flair,” he said, “I shouted out to my family. ‘Y’all won’t believe what’s right here!” Red and Ed’s Convenience Store will receive $25,000 for selling the winning Mega Millions Quick Pick ticket.



Wayne Reese plans to use some of the Mega Millions jackpot to remodel the home he shares with his wife, Linda. He has also decided to build houses for both his adult children. “We’re on a new ride now,” Reese said, “and it sure feels good.” Reese’s Mega Millions Quick Pick win does not mean that he will retire. He is proud of the fact that he has a successful septic tank business which he has built up over the years.



Mega Millions lottery winner, Wayne Reese and his family have already benefited from the lottery. Their daughter, who is now a teacher, was given a lottery-funded scholarship to attend university.



Wayne Reese is a survivor of prostate cancer and encourages everyone to have regular health checks. “If someone asked me, I’d tell him to make sure he got his prostate test when he turned 50,” he said, “I got lucky one day and listened to my wife who told me I needed a physical.

That’s how they found the cancer.” Even though Mega Millions lottery winner Wayne Reese has been racing cars with his son for many years, his $12 million jackpot win enabled him to expand his passion. Both Wayne and his wife, Linda, have been treated for cancer at the Emory’s Winship Cancer Institute and Wayne is involved in the Emory Healthcare 500 which sponsors racing events.



Wayne Reese’ Mega Millions Quick Pick ticket may have won him $12 million but he says his life hasn’t changed much. “It was certainly a life changing event,” says Reese, “but we really haven’t changed. I worked all my life building up my septic tank, grading and remodelling business. I’ve still got the same guys working for me. I can dress up when I have to, but I still like to wear the same ol’ clothes.”