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JANET ALNWICK – Mega Millions – 13th January 2009

Janet Alnwick, aged 52, from Merrick, Long Island, New York was the lucky winner of the Mega Millions lottery jackpot on 13th January 2009. She won $22 million with the winning Mega Millions numbers of 22, 25, 33, 36, 48, and 40.


Janet Alnwick only plays the lottery occasionally, saying that she spends between $2 and $3 a month on Mega Millions lotto and Powerball tickets. “I am probably an unlikely winner, but a thankful one nevertheless,” Janet said about her Mega Millions lottery jackpot win.

She purchased her New York Mega Millions ticket with the winning numbers from the 7-Eleven in Newbridge Road in North Bellmore. She says she goes into the store regularly for a Big Gulp of soda and occasionally buys a lottery ticket. “I go to 7-Eleven three times a day, and I just said ‘Why not buy a lottery ticket? Give me two bucks of quick picks.’”


Janet is a retired sales executive and now takes care of her ailing Mum. Janet, her Mum and brother all live together in Merrick. She said what a relief this Mega Millions lotto money was and how it will enable her to take really good care of her mother and also allow her to make sure her mum doesn’t have to suffer the cold New York winters any more, as they really weren’t helping her health.


Janet went to the Lottery’s Customer Service Centre in Garden City the day after she won the Mega Millions lottery jackpot to claim her prize. She has opted to take the once off payment of $15,182,885 which will amount to $10,347,136 after taxes.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet,” Alnwick said. “It’s overwhelming but I’m not going to change.”












Janet Alnwick hasn’t had much time to consider what to spend her New York Mega Millions lottery jackpot win on, but knows that a holiday to Aruba is number one on the list. She added that there will be a lot more vacations from now on, especially during the winter where she intends to seek out sunshine and warmth.

Alnwick intends to pay off her family’s mortgages and bills while buying a red Corvette and a Camaro convertible thanks to the winning Mega Millions numbers. The final item on her shopping list is two golden retriever puppies.


On Thursday night the Alnwick family celebrated the Mega Millions lotto triumph in style. They stayed at the Marriott Marquis on Broadway, New York and ordered room service, before heading to the theatre to see Jersey Boys on Broadway. They were so happy, that they gave their taxi driver $20 for a $6 fare.


Janet Alnwick gave the following advice to other lottery winners, “Keep the people in your life that you had before you won the money. Be a bit weary of people coming into your life. There are opportunists all over.” Alnwick said she has had so many begging letters and emails since people learnt of her New York Mega Millions lottery jackpot win.