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LA Man Takes the Mega Millions Lottery and Runs

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When he bought his Mega Millions lotto ticket at a 76 gas station on Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, for the April 4th 2014 draw, Leopold Choi waited just ten days before he confirmed that he was the winner of the Mega Millions lottery jackpot. It was a life changing amount of money and the results found Choi as the sole winning ticket holder of the Mega Millions prize for the April 5th draw.

Los Angeles has been lucky this year, netting the Mega Millions lottery jackpot on no less than 5 occasions. This time, after 4 draws in a row with no outright winner, the top prize amount had risen to $48 million before Leopold Choi stepped into the California State Lottery office bearing the golden ticket.















If there is little known about this particular winner, you might just remember the area that Choi bought his Mega Millions lotto ticket. It was made famous by the first Die Hard movie as home to the fictional ‘Nakatomi Plaza’, and also a popular place for talent agencies and law firms.


Winner Choi opted to take a one off payment of $16.6 million for his Mega Millions lottery jackpot instead of an annuity for the next 26 years.

Who Leopold Choi is and what he will do with the big Mega Millions prize is anyone’s guess. While people who win the lottery have their name entered as a matter of public record, Choi didn’t even pose with a cardboard replica of his big cheque, opting instead to keep a very low profile.


All we know is that his ticket was from a quick pick and the winning lottery numbers were 1, 10, 15, 41, 54 and the Mega Ball number 9. The gas station that sold Leopold his California Mega Millions lottery jackpot winning ticket received a bonus of $150,000.

While it may be better known as the setting for the original Die Hard movie, Santa Monica Boulevard is also now the place where a certain Leopold Choi picked out the winning numbers that made him a Mega Millions lotto winner.