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Winning Mega Millions Pay Day for New Jersey Painter

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It’s safe to say that winning Mega Millions lottery jackpot in the January 2013 draw was a life changing moment for house painter Angel Guallpa-Mayancela from New Jersey. The married father of one bought the only winning Mega Millions ticket at Lisa’s Deli and Grocery in Orange and netted a cool $65 million before tax in the process.

For a man just starting to raise a family and forge a life for himself in New Jersey, it was the moment when everything came together and Lady Luck finally smiled on him. Most of us can only sit and dream of such good fortune.

The hard working painter chose the winning Mega Millions numbers 11, 12, 17, 31 and 48 and a Mega Ball of 1 when he bought his tickets at Lisa’s Deli. They were the numbers that fulfilled his half joking promise to his wife that she would be one day be married to a millionaire.

While Angel expected to get there by hard graft and honest toil, the end result is that he is now a multi-millionaire and doesn’t have to work at all. Call it luck or call it fate, never in his wildest dreams did Angel believe he’d look at the Mega Millions results and be a winner with the world at his feet.

Like many other winners in the past, his financial future is secure.
















The winning New Jersey Mega Millions jackpot was $89 million but Angel opted to take the one off lump sum payment rather than a guaranteed lifetime annuity.

Angel was the second New Jersey resident to hit the jackpot in under 6 months and his was the 16th multi-million jackpot to be collected since the lottery was introduced in 2002. Back in September 2012 Christopher Manzi from Morganville shared a jackpot of $14 million with New Yorker Willie McPherson.

Lottery executive director Carole Hedinger said the New Jersey man and his family were still in a state of shock when they came to collect the winning cheque in February but that they were happy to be New Jersey’s latest multi-millionaires.



The draw had rolled over 12 times before Angel got the winning Mega Millions ticket with players in New Jersey sharing over $2.4 million in prizes during that time, including two prizes of $250,000. According to Hedinger they weren’t the only winners, nearly $5.6 million was raised in the roll over for State institutions and for funding educational needs.

For the people of New Jersey, the lottery has provided a win-win situation with millions being raised since it was started back in 2002.

Retailers also earn commission on lottery sales and in 2012 nearly 153 million was paid out to local businesses in the State. And while Angel and his family are trying to come to terms with their new found wealth, many others are rushing to their nearest vendor to purchase the next winning Mega Millions lottery ticket.

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