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31st Dec, 2012

Is that unclaimed EuroMillions prize yours?

On the same day which was the deadline for the ticket-holder to claim their prize for the £64m EuroMillions jackpot, another prize, slightly smaller, but still worth went also unclaimed. Admittedly

29th Dec, 2012

Burnley syndicate split £1m EuroMillions win

It’s been a while since we last reported on a syndicate bringing home the EuroMillions bacon, so to speak. In fact the last was a 16-strong member syndicate of travel agents

22nd Dec, 2012

What is your lucky SuperEnalotto number?

If you’ve ever played Italy’s SuperEnalotto, you’ll know this popular lottery game has 3 draws every week. They occur on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. That means there’s even more chances to

15th Dec, 2012

Why play Italy’s SuperEnalotto?

Italy’s ever popular SuperEnalotto game began in 1997 and is the successor to the original 1950s game called Enalotto. The biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot won to date is €177 million, and was won back

26th Nov, 2012

Top 10 largest Mega Millions jackpots to date

The USA’s Mega Millions lottery game has been paying out large lottery jackpots since its commencement in 1996. Of course all those years ago, 16 in fact, it was

25th Nov, 2012

Happy 18th birthday National Lottery!

The UK National Lottery is all grown up, well almost. It celebrated its Sweet Sixteen in 2010 and its 21st is looming on the horizon, but first the small matter of an

24th Nov, 2012

58th French EuroMillions lottery jackpot winner

The good news is that the EuroMillions lottery jackpot of £136,124,363 – the result of 12 rollovers – was won by a single lottery player on Tuesday 13th November’s draw. But