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What is it about a small win on the lottery or a scratch card that makes us immediately purchase another? Is it because we feel we’re on a winning streak or that the thought of winning even more money is just too irresistible? Whatever the reason, sometimes it pays, literally millions, to follow that impulse.

According to Camelot, the National Lottery organiser, the latest EuroMillions winners are a syndicate from Cleveland. The group comprises husband and wife team Claire and Malcolm Sills and their long term friends, Martin and Claire Tait. They are known as The 50p Club and are probably still celebrating their wise decision to buy a EuroMillions ticket with their £40 scratch card winnings.

The EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle winners purchased a ticket for the Tuesday 19th February draw on a whim. Claire Sills explained: “It was Martin’s idea to use the money to buy an extra EuroMillions ticket for the Tuesday draw rather than just getting in another round of drinks. We’re all over the moon we followed his advice!”

Especially as they can now afford to drink Crystal on tap or go one better and buy a bar!

The syndicate regularly play EuroMillions, but only ever on Fridays. We bet they wished they’d played on Tuesdays too.

Not surprisingly they are all still coming to terms with the amazing news, Claire Sills said: “I checked the ticket at Sainsbury’s and the lady said I had to call Camelot as they don’t pay out anything over £500. I thought we had won maybe a grand per couple, I cried when I found out it was actually £500,000 per couple! I just keep thinking this sort of thing doesn’t happen to people like me, it is still sinking in.”

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