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Florida joins Mega Millions – great news for UK and International players.

There’s good news for Florida residents, as Mega Millions lottery tickets will be available to buy from 15th May.

According to Wikipedia, Florida’s estimated population was 19,317,568 in 2012. This means that Mega Millions ticket sales will definitely increase, as Florida’s lotto players are tempted by another multi-state lottery game.

Florida residents have been able to play the USA’s other popular lottery, the Powerball, since January 4th 2009. As a rule Floridians do pretty well with Powerball wins and there have been many lottery winners over the years. So we’re betting they won’t be able to resist a flutter on the Mega Millions lottery either.

It’s not just the Floridian residents who will benefit from the introduction of Mega Millions, but also the state of Florida.

But how do UK and international players benefit from Florida joining Mega Millions? Well, with the inclusion of another USA state to the game, those extra ticket sales will increase the lottery jackpot amounts on offer, making it a win-win situation all round.

Of course International and UK players have been able to partake in Mega Millions for some time now. That’s because you don’t need to be a USA resident to play this lottery via online lotto sites.

For those who are not familiar with the workings of Mega Millions, here’s a brief outline. Lottery draws take place every Tuesday and Friday with lottery jackpots starting at around $12 million. These grow with ticket sales and rollovers. Players need to match five numbers plus the Mega Ball to win the jackpot. They have to choose five numbers from 1 to 56, plus one number from 1 to 46 for the Mega Ball. Second-tier prizes of $250,000 are awarded to ticket-holders who match the first five numbers but not the Mega Ball. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth-tier prizes are also available.

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