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27th Jun, 2013

How to handle your Mega Millions win

With the American lotteries regularly paying out millions in jackpots and lower-tier prizes, we thought it might be useful to offer some advice to prospective Mega Millions winners. We’re guessing

20th Jun, 2013

Mega Millions: 2013 lottery jackpot winners

Whilst we wait for the next Mega Millions lottery jackpot to be won, we thought we’d take a look at this year’s Mega Millions lotto winners so far. An amazing six

15th Jun, 2013

Laughing all the way to the bank with EuroMillions

You have probably heard of the Laughing Policeman, well now meet the laughing nurse. Actually, make that the laughing EuroMillions lottery winner. Most people’s response to winning a

14th Jun, 2013

Mega Millions: grab a right royal bargain

We all know that America is considered a relatively young country when it comes to its historical past, especially compared to the UK for instance. So with that in mind,

8th Jun, 2013

Still waiting for a SuperEnalotto jackpot winner

There is no denying that the SuperEnalotto breaks the record when it comes to rollovers. Compared to other world lotteries, Italy’s SuperEnalotto can roll for months on end without a

1st Jun, 2013

May’s Mega Millions millionaires

May most certainly was a special month for the world’s lotteries. In the United States, Mega Millions saw two jackpot wins during the month. Two players split the $190 million lottery jackpot from