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After weeks of searching for a EuroMillions winner in the Basingstoke area, the winner has now come forward to claim his £1 million prize.

The EuroMillions draw of this prize happened on Friday, February 7th may and there was no jackpot winner, however one lucky lottery player bagged a nice £1 million that weekend. The winner however took a while to come forward as lottery officials in the UK continued to search for the winning ticket holder.

They did eventually come forward towards the end of March to claim their prize, although we don’t know yet the full identity of this mystery lottery winner. It would be interesting if they did come forward, so that we would be able to find out what they plan to use their winnings for and why they took so long to come forward.

UK lottery officials have admitted their relief at the winner finally coming forward, saying that they are delighted that they are now able to enjoy the amazing winnings from the European lottery. A lottery spokesman said “it would have been awful if the ticket-holder had missed out on this substantial and life-changing amount of money,” continuing to say that lottery players should always be in a habit of checking their tickets, and to also make sure they check all their numbers, even if they haven’t managed to match the full top prize combination.

Despite there being millions of EuroMillions players across Europe, it may come as a surprise at the amount of prizes that go unclaimed in the UK and across the continent every year. Although these prizes are donated to the National Lottery Good Causes Fund after the deadline to claim has passed, it is still a real shame for those who win and don’t even realize it.

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