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The EuroMillions lottery was drawn last night and was unable to find a winner amongst the millions of players across the country. Instead, the jackpot will roll over to £47 million for the next draw.

Friday evening’s jackpot was worth close to £41 million and there will have been millions of players throughout Europe hoping to add a bit of extra cheer to their Easter long weekend. Unfortunately, however, as the numbers were drawn in Paris there was not one single ticket that matched all of the five main numbers 21, 24, 31, 39 and 47 as well as both of the lucky stars 3 and 7.

Despite the European lottery rolling over for the fifth time running, there was a million pound winner in the UK. One lucky player will have matched the Millionaire Raffle numbers to take home a whopping £1 million prize.

Other lottery players who would know a thing or two about winning on the EuroMillions lottery is the syndicate group from Staffordshire who gained a Millionaire Raffle prize at the end of last week. The 19 staff at Middleport Factory won one of 10 Millionaire Raffle prizes on Friday April 11th, and each of the workers will receive a pay-out worth 526 weeks’ wages.

One of those lucky winners was teenager Cameryn Shingler, who works as an apprentice in the maintenance department of pottery manufacturer Steelite. Along with 18 of his colleagues at the factory, the 17 year old took home £52,631.57 thanks to the EuroMillions lottery.

As an apprentice, the pay-out for Cameryn will be worth 10 years of his current salary, meaning that the extra money will be a huge bonus to him, as well as to the rest of his colleagues. The syndicate has been playing the EuroMillions lottery every week for four years, and the workmates are delighted to be able to bask in their win together.

Cameryn told lottery officials that he is planning to use the money to travel as well as saving a chunk of it to go towards a deposit on his first house. The worker, who has been with Steelite for 18 months, said that he couldn’t believe it when he found out.

Syndicate organiser Chris Heames, 52, said that the syndicate has only previously won small amounts which, after being shared between 19 members, amounted to very little between them. He told lottery officials that winning this amount was beyond their wildest dreams “This win is going to make a big difference to everyone’s lives, and it is really nice to be able to share this experience with my colleagues.”

This is not the first time that a group of lottery players from the Steelite factory has won big, however, as in 2003 a different syndicate scooped over £5 million on the UK Lotto. Chris said that after eight of his colleagues won big, he never imagined that lottery luck would strike again in the factory.
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