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On May 22nd a lucky player saw his life changing completely thanks to La Primitiva, after they won more than € 36 million from the popular Spanish lottery.

A unique winner from a small Catalan town took home the € 36,016,491.72 prize in the draw held last Thursday May 22. The winner, who remains anonymous, has certainly seen a change in fortunes thanks to his huge prize.

He won these millions thanks to having matched the La Primitiva winning numbers 7, 13, 22, 26, 36 and 49; while the “Complementario” number was 15 and the “Reintegro” 7.

For this small town in the Barcelona province this draw has been a great one, since the same lottery retail shop, which is located in the Passeig de Sant Joan, sold another winning ticket, which matched the second category prize. In this case the lucky winner bagged an attractive €390,119.64.

There is no doubt that all the above represents something very special for the lottery shop number 13370, and it is also a big injection of hope for the people of the small town who are surprised by the luck that has come their way, and are curious to see the interest of the press and the media, which line up in the town in an attempt to discover the identity of the mysterious winner of Manlleu who is now a millionaire.

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