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Tuesday evening’s EuroMillions draw saw one single jackpot winner from Belgium take home the entire lottery bounty, leaving Friday evening’s draw with a brand new jackpot for those that could match the drawn numbers.

Tuesday night’s jackpot was worth an estimated £53 million, or €67 million, and the Belgian’s ticket matched all of the main numbers 15, 18, 20, 27 and 34 as well as both of the Lucky Stars 1 and 3. This was the first time that a Belgian player had won the top prize since June 2013, when one player from Belgium split a £159 million EuroMillions jackpot with a player from Ireland.

That left Friday night’s jackpot worth an estimated £12 million, which turned out to be just under that figure at £11,878,500. However, despite the popularity of the Europe-wide lottery, there were no winners in Friday night’s draw, and only two tickets were able to win second tier prizes.

The numbers last night were 1, 11, 29, 41 and 43 with the Lucky Stars of 3 and 11, and while nobody matched all of them together, there were two ticket holders who matched all of the five main numbers and one out of the two Lucky Stars. Each of these ticket holders won a prize fund of £500,505 thanks to the small number of second tier winners.

There was also one EuroMillions winner in the UK, who was able to match the raffle numbers in the Millionaire Raffle game, taking home a cool £1 million. The lottery system in France also presents a similar raffle game called Euromillions – My Million which offers a guaranteed €1 million for one player at every draw.

As well as these winners, there were three third tier prize winners winning £111,223 plus more than 2 million other winning tickets who each took home between a few pounds and over £4,000, depending on how many numbers they managed to match. The jackpot rolls over, however, and will be worth approximately £17 million, or €21 million, for its next draw on Tuesday, July 22nd.

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