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$1 million Mega Millions ticket holder yet to claim prize

The holder of a $1m winning Mega Millions ticket sold in the Waldorf area of Maryland, has still to come forward and claim their prize won in the draw held on Tuesday October 7th.

The winning Mega Millions ticket was sold at the Washington Mart at 2145 Crain Highway. The store also has reason to celebrate as they will receive a $2,500 bonus for selling the winning ticket. Just two tickets in the October 7th draw were able to match the five main numbers drawn. The winning numbers in the draw were: 16-29-46-48-55 with the Mega Ball 2.

If the ticket had been able to match the Mega Ball, then the ticket holder would now be celebrating having won $136m (cash option of $80.8m).

Maryland is one of six states that do not require the winner to disclose his or her name. Despite this fact, around 25 percent of winners do actually allow officials to identify them to the public. Lottery officials advise winners to sign their ticket and keep it safe. Last year a man who won a $189m jackpot waited more than a week before coming forward and claiming his prize. He revealed that he was so worried about losing his ticket that he hid it in an unplugged lamp.

For major wins lottery officials also advise that financial and legal advice is sought, in order to help winners cope with their newly acquired wealth.

No one has been able to win the Mega Millions jackpot since the draw held on August 22nd, when Rick Knudsen of Calimesa, California won a $180m jackpot. Winning on the Mega Millions lottery has been difficult in recent weeks, no more than in the draw held on Friday October 3rd. In that draw no ticket sold was able to match more than four of the main numbers. This meant the top prize won in that draw was just $5,000 for the 26 players who matched four main numbers and the Mega Ball.

The next Mega Millions draw takes place on Friday October 10th with the jackpot now at $150m (cash option $90m). Don’t miss this chance to win big and purchase your tickets online now at