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The EuroJackpot lottery is a favourite across Europe, and has maintained a steady growth of players since its launch in March 2012.

The Eurojackpot used to have until now 14 participating nations, all of whom wanted to see if their new lottery game could become as popular as, or even more popular than, the EuroMillions lottery. Since its beginnings, the game has grown quickly, and this year it became the fastest growing lottery in the world.

However, this month the lottery announced significant changes to the game, which were implemented on October 10th, 2014. The first change which will make a huge difference to the game’s jackpots is the addition of three new countries to the already strong membership for this lottery.

Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have joined Germany, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Iceland, Croatia and Estonia in the EuroJackpot’s member countries trying to get their hands on the top prize every week. As well as this, lottery officials have used this time to announce some significant changes to the way that games are played.

The EuroJackpot lottery asked its players until now to choose 5 numbers from 50, as well as two Euro numbers from a selection of 8. Now, however, players will continue to choose 5 from 50, but they will choose their two Euro numbers from a selection of 1- 10 instead of choosing numbers between 1 and 8.

This does, admittedly, slightly lower the chances of winning, as does the addition of new countries to the game, but it will allow jackpots to grow much bigger than they have done in the past. The lottery cited their main objective when making this change was to answer complaints that they have heard from regulars that jackpots aren’t big enough.

However, the EuroJackpot won’t be surpassing the EuroMillions’ large jackpots any day soon, as the lottery is only able to roll over up to €90 million. But with 17 member countries, and more expected to join in 2015, the EuroJackpot is certainly one of the most popular multi-nation lotteries in Europe.

In the next draw on Friday October 17th the estimated jackpot is €13 million. Don’t miss this chance and purchase your tickets online at