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A EuroMillions winner who won £1 million on the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle has finally returned home after an eight month holiday that began just three days after he won his fortune.

Matt Myles won £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery, and immediately quit his job as a night worker in a factory and flew himself, his brother and one of his friends to Thailand to begin the holiday of a lifetime. Three days after winning he was sunning himself on a beach in Bali and travelling around South East Asia, before flying together with his brother and friend to Brazil to watch the World Cup.

Matt also paid for a luxury holiday in Ibiza and invited 12 of his friends from the UK to go over to join him, flight paid for by the EuroMillions winner, of course. He rented a huge villa in the hills which came together with its own DJ and looked out over the main party town of San Antonio.

And if that wasn’t enough, he then hired a speed boat which took himself and his friends to and from the hottest bars and beaches on the island, rented a VIP box in the most popular club Space, and paid for a wild VIP day at one of the most exclusive beach clubs on the island. “The lads loved it, they were so grateful, and didn’t stop telling me,” said that EuroMillions winner.

After his wild week with friends, Matt decided to rent a villa in Tuscany, Italy for his entire family so that they could spend time together and chill out. But once that resting period was over the EuroMillions millionaire was not ready to come home yet, and he took his brother on a month-long tour of the USA, visiting places such as New York City and New Orleans.

“New York is the best place I’ve ever been,” said Matt as he returned home two weeks ago. “I had to come home a month early to buy my first house,” he said and he talked about how his life has changed since the big win.

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