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Two months after the big win, a lottery player from Mississauga in Canada has finally come forward to claim the $60 million Lotto Max prize he won on Christmas Day.

John Henry was presented his cheque on Wednesday in a joint ceremony with Joan Patterson, another Lotto Max big winner, and he announced that he has plenty of charitable plans for his winnings. The lottery winner, despite taking two months to claim his Lotto Max win, was aware of it ever since Christmas, and he said that he checked his numbers on Boxing Day and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Telling Lotto Max officials in Toronto, he said that he reacted with “shock,” “disbelief”, and then “terror,” because he couldn’t decide where he should put his winning ticket for safekeeping before making his claim. “The darn thing felt like a hot potato,” Mr Henry avoided to lottery officials as he told of his dilemma.

“I circled every single number and then blurted out a few choice words that I won’t repeat,” Mr Henry laughed of his initial reaction. The former miner and retired consultant is continuing the spirit of Christmas, since that’s when he purchased his Lotto Max ticket, and he said that he’s going to share more than half of his fortune with a charity for young people that he plans to establish. Charities were also the main winner after Roy Cockrum from Tennessee won $259.8 million on the Powerball lottery in 2014.

“We’ll blow it, but we’ll blow it on good causes,” he said, describing some of those good causes as children’s health, children’s athletics and mental health, just like how Margaret Kelley from Northumberland in England planned to use her National Lottery scratchcard winnings earlier this year. Some of the money will also go on home renovations, however, as John has a wife, two children and two grandchildren at home.

However, one splurge for the lucky Lotto Max player will be to do with his passion for horses. “I’ve always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby,” he told lottery officials. “I think I will.”

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