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Dreaming of a $415m Mega Millions Jackpot

If you see someone that looks as if they’re daydreaming, well they probably are. There’s going to be plenty of that going on in the USA between now and Friday July 1, when the next Mega Millions draw takes place. That’s because yet another rollover on Tuesday means July begins with a massive $415 jackpot.

That dreaming sees people imagining just what it’d be like to get their hands on such a huge Mega Millions jackpot. That’s definitely the case in Attlebroro in Massachussets, USA. Moreen Clark definitely has become a multi-millionaire on her mind as she went to her local store to buy another Mega Millions ticket. “It’d be wonderful if I won something,” she commented. What would she do if winning? “A long vacation – a long, long vacation” was her reply.

There have been 32 Mega Millions draws in a row that have produced a rollover and taken the jackpot through the $400m barrier. In March, Michael Burkett won a $157m Mega Millions jackpot. A Californian syndicate recently came close to winning the Mega Millions top prize. Another close miss was by Lawrence Kopczyk from Michigan, USA, but he did win a $1m Mega Millions prize. Local shops in the Attlebroro area have been reporting large numbers of people coming in to buy Mega Millions tickets, all hoping to win that $415m Mega Millions jackpot.

Local man George Coleman wasn’t sure whether to go for the Mega Millions jackpot but said: “Well, someone’s gotta win. If nobody entered, nobody wins, you know?”

Another player said they only play when the Mega Millions jackpot rises above the $200m mark as “the odds are so astronomical.” The odds of successfully matching the five main numbers and the Mega Ball are 259m to one.

The $415m Mega Millions jackpot is the highest since March 2014, when the top Mega Millions prize was $400m. That led to the Florida store who sold one of the Mega Millions jackpot winning tickets receiving a $100,000 bonus. If someone wins the jackpot on Friday and opts for a one-off payment they’ll receive $265.4m before taxes.

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