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Taxi-driver Gordon Rees from Arnold in Nottinghamshire, England, was already having a lucky day. He’d had two good reasons to be happy and the hat-trick was completed when he won a £1m EuroMillions prize.

The day that Gordon will never forget began with him winning his pub league dominoes match. It got better when he won £53 on a fruit machine. Then his run of luck went into overdrive with his win in the EuroMillions Raffle.

His friends are absolutely delighted with his £1m EuroMillions win. Peter Hastings says that his win is a payback by karma for a good deed he did last year. Last year one of his children left their iPad in the back of Gordon’s taxi. He then went to their home and returned it.

The lucky EuroMillions winner says he plans on spending his £1m windfall on a new car, a house and holiday to Mauritius. £1 EuroMillions winner Andrew Perkins went on holiday to Canada after his big win. Rees will also be helping out his three children, Oliver, 21, Charlotte, 19 and Lydia, 15.

He’s the latest driver to win a big lottery prize. Kevin Jones from Crewe won a £6m UK Lotto jackpot. Another bus driver, Sean Lloyd from Manchester, scooped £1.8m on the UK Lotto.

Nick Wood, operations manager at Alert Cars in Arnold, where Mr Rees works, said he couldn’t believe it when he found out about the win.”I got in work one morning and someone said Gordon had been at the base since 4am because he had won a million pounds and couldn’t sleep,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it. It’s fantastic. It makes you believe in the lottery again. You never think it’s going to happen to one of your own.”

Gordon has been working for Alert Cars for 15 years but has no intention of retiring, though he might cut down the number of hours he works. Armadou Gillen from Trowbridge went back to work after his £4m National Lottery scratchcard win. Gary Brand from Essex set up his own taxi-firm after being part of a £5.2m winning UK Lotto syndicate.

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