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Lucky $10m Oz Lotto Winner Nearly Didn’t Use Winning Numbers

A lucky Oz Lotto player from Maroondah in Victoria, Australia discovered he’d won $10m in the September 13 draw when taking a mobile phone call while on a train on his way to work.

The overjoyed winner has asked to remain anonymous just like the recent $35m Australian Powerball winner. This player’s winning Oz Lotto ticket was purchased from the Ringwood East Authorised Newsagency. He described his win like “tripping off the moon,” he added that it was impossible to “think straight! I am so surprised, I am off the planet” and joked “Hopefully I don’t get struck by lightning on the way home.”

The $10m Oz Lotto win is all the more amazing as he nearly didn’t play his winning numbers. He had some favourite numbers saved on his Tatts card and finally decided it was time to play them. “To think I may not have done it…and now this has happened.”

It’s the latest big lottery win in Victoria after John Howard won a $1.4m Australian Keno prize. Also celebrating were a syndicate from Melbourne who scooped $1.4m in a Tatts Lotto draw.

The shocked Oz Lotto winner has lots of ideas on how to spend his winnings. Those include buying a new car unlike Jorge Castro from Maryland, USA, who bought a used truck after his $50,000 windfall on an Amazing 8 scratch card.

Also planned is an overseas holiday. £241,406 EuroMillions winner Bernie Delbridge from England went on safari after his big win.

Most important though is helping out his family and the win will put him “on a bright path for my future.” He wants to take it easy though and make sure he gets the most out of his $10m Oz Lotto win.

Also celebrating was Bronwyn Scully, owner of the Ringwood East Authorised Newsagency. She said it had been “madness in here this morning” and added, “I’ve got a headache from the champagne.” The shop owner isn’t quite sure who the lucky Oz Lotto winner is but hopes it’s one of her regulars and that whoever it is will come in and say hi to her or even buy her some flowers. In England a £74,900 UK Lotto winner gave £1000 to the store he bought his ticket from.

The winning numbers in the Oz Lotto draw were: 42-19-30-29-01-03 and the two Supplementary numbers 28 and 23.

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