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An Australian Lotto player from Kununurra in Western Australia has come forward to claim her prize two weeks after the draw, and said that her family couldn’t have been happier for her after the win.

The lottery winner, who didn’t reveal her identity when she claimed her prize with Western Australian Lotto officials, said that her family has had a long tradition of buying tickets for the Lotto from Tuckerbox Stores, where this particular winning ticket was from, but never thought they’d win a top prize from it. “I was checking social media on the Saturday night and saw that someone in the area had won Lotto,” she said. “So, we all ran over to check our ticket!” At the beginning of this year, several Western Australians won $2 million on a big New Year Oz Lotto game, so this Australian Lotto win could just be one in a series if history repeats itself.

Despite checking their Australian Lotto ticket, they still had trouble believing that they were actually about to go and claim their prize from Lotterywest officials, with a cheque worth $673,151. “It was very surreal and we were all so excited. I’ve been feeling so scatter-brained since realising the big news,” the winner said, as she revealed that the family will be sharing the prize, just like a New Zealand family syndicate who won $7 million on the NZ Powerball. In fact, it was her sister who was the most excited to find out about the family Australian Lotto win, as she apparently screamed “like a banshee” when she found out that they’d won. Screams are not uncommon for lottery winners, just like the wife of a UK Lotto winning syndicate member who “let out an almighty scream” when she checked her email and discovered they’d won £1 million, and an Islington man whose reaction to his disbelief was to scream loudly and go out for some fresh air after he won £300,000 on the EuroMillions.

“Since then, she’s been calling me at all hours of the day and night and ‘ideas’ for our winnings like a boat or a car,” the winner laughed. Definite plans for the Australian Lotto money, however, don’t quite include a boat, but they do include paying off the mortgage on the house, buying a new car, and taking the entire family on a big holiday. Recently another Western Australian family won big on the OZ Lotto, taking home $40 million but insisting that nothing will change.

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