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After a busy day at work, you often need to find a way to relax. For Armando Perez from California, USA, that includes buying some scratch cards and a $10 Holiday Magic scratch card has just won him $1m.

The lucky winner says that when he gets home from work, his mind is usually “going 100 miles per hour” so he takes his dog out for a walk to the nearby market to get something to drink and buy one or two scratch cards while his girlfriend buys some groceries. It was his purchase of a $10 Holiday Magic scratch card that has forever changed his life. That’s just what happened to Brady Medlock from North Carolina, USA, who wanted a bag of ice and ended up buying a $150,000 winning Powerball ticket.

Perez didn’t immediately check his $10 Holiday Magic scratch card as his favourite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys were playing so he headed home to watch it on television but eventually he remembered his scratch card. “About five minutes into the first quarter, I started scratching the ticket.” He didn’t pay it much attention until realizing he’d won $1m. He quickly told his girlfriend, but she didn’t believe him until seeing the scratch card. It’s the latest big win in California, after Kent Li won $1.5m playing Powerball.

The avid Dallas Cowboys fan waited until after the game was finished before returning to the G&B Liquor store to get his $10 Holiday Magic scratch card checked. Initially the clerk thought he’d only won $1,000 but eventually he realized it was actually $1m. “For hours, I just couldn’t believe it!” said Perez. In England, Marjorie Tyrie thought she’d won £1,000 but then found out she’d won a £1 million UK Lotto pay-out.

The lucky winner loves playing scratch cards and said, “There’s always hope, because if there wasn’t hope, you wouldn’t play!” The $10 Holiday Magic scratch card winner is planning a holiday, just like $1m Lotto Max winner Anthony Evangelista from Canada, who’s planning a trip to Australia.

There’s no sign of any wedding plans though, unlike Erika Jackson and Anthony Zagaroli from Connecticut, USA, who are getting married after their $50,000 Powerball win.The $10 Holiday Magic scratch card winner also wants to put some money away for his retirement and help his mother with her bills.

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