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Sometimes players win a lottery prize and can’t wait to go and claim their winnings. However, Luis Vela Figueroa of Brentwood in New York State, took over a month to collect his top prize in the $2,500 A Week For Life scratch card game.

The 53-year-old had a good reason to delay cashing in his $2,500 A Week For Life scratch card win that is worth a minimum guaranteed pay-out of $2.5m. The prep cook simply didn’t want to let down his employer so decided to wait a while. Gerry and Lisa Cannings from England, waited a week before claiming their £32.5m UK Lotto jackpot win as they were having their house decorated.

Now that Vela Figueroa is a lottery millionaire after his win playing the $2,500 A Week For Life scratch card game, he’s planning to quit his job and that’s why he delayed collecting his prize. “I want to continue working just long enough to train my replacement.” Joseph Woods from Minnesota, USA, didn’t wait and immediately quit his job after winning $1m playing Powerball. However, Karl Krumbholz from Iowa, went back to work after his $2m Powerball win.

The prep cook purchased his winning ticket while on his way to work. “I carpool to work. We sometimes stop for something to eat on the way. This particular morning, I got an orange juice and an egg sandwich,” he said. “I always get a ticket when we stop, and this is the one I always get only this time, things ended a little differently.”

Vela Figueroa added that he had only partially scratched his $2,500 A Week For Life scratch card that had been purchased from the Bay Meat & Deli in Bay Shore when he asked the clerk to scan it to see if it was a winner.

The clerk told him that his $2,500 A Week For Life scratch card was a big winner but with the need to get to work, they all got back in the car and headed to work. Raul Bernal from California also found out about his $1,428,692 Powerball win while on his way to work and just kept driving.

The $2,500 A Week For Life scratch card winner now plans to buy a house. Also planned is quitting his job of course and starting his own business just like Michael Graham who wanted to launch his own restaurant after winning $1m playing Powerball.

You never know when fate will play its hand, so purchase your tickets online now at