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There are some massive jackpots to be won in lotteries across Europe but at present the largest is in the EuroJackpot draw. It’s reached the cap of €90m and players will be hoping that they can win the big prize in the next draw due to be held on Friday 8 June.

It’s not just the top prize in the EuroJackpot draw that is attracting players to the draw. Ever since the jackpot reached its maximum €90m, that means the money that would be going to increasing the top prize has been going down to the second-tier level and winning that is also going to make you a lottery millionaire thanks to the EuroJackpot draw.

That’s a fact that was backed up by the most recent EuroJackpot draw that was held on Friday 1 June. To win the EuroJackpot top prize, players have to match all seven of the numbers that are drawn out. On Friday those were 14-19-21-30-32 and the two EuroNumbers 04 and 07.

Players found it impossible to match those numbers and the draw ended in a rollover meaning the jackpot remains at €90m for the next draw. Three tickets won the second-tier prize and that was a fantastic €7,318,844.80 each. The runners-up prize will be larger this week so even if you don’t manage to get the jackpot, you could still win a massive prize.

The draw has been producing larger wins since 2014 when EuroJackpot rule changes were made and more countries started playing the lottery. That led to a record win in May 2015 when a ticket sold in the Czech Republic landed the €90m EuroJackpot prize.

Last year was a hugely successful one for players with the EuroJackpot draw producing a record 11 jackpot wins and five of those came right at the start of the year when they shared the €90m EuroJackpot top prize in the very first draw of the year. The success continued throughout the year and in July when there was a fantastic weekend when five major jackpots were won, that all started with a €46,505,018 EuroJackpot win by a ticket sold in Finland.

There have been three jackpot wins this year including another Finnish success when a ticket sold in that lucky nation won a €90m EuroJackpot windfall in the 9 February draw.

Hopefully this Friday will see more lottery millionaires created and a winner of the €90m top prize… play online with us at