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Clint Kennedy from Rosetown in Saskatchewan, Canada, doesn’t usually buy a lottery ticket. However, he got one for the June 1 Lotto Max draw, even though he nearly missed the deadline, and won a $1m MaxMillion prize.

The Lotto Max draw recently reached its maximum level of $60m and interest in the draw had been increasing rapidly even including a 17m long Lotto Max ticket hoping to win the top prize. That’s despite some players calling for higher Lotto Max jackpots.

With the Lotto Max jackpot so high, Kennedy decided to try his luck but thought he was too late to get a ticket until a friend told him he had until 8.30pm and gave him a lift to Rosetown’s 7-Eleven. It was there that he purchased the Lotto Max ticket that would make him a millionaire just six minutes before the 8.30pm deadline. Not so lucky was Joel Ifergan from Quebec who missed out on a $13.5m Lotto Max jackpot as he missed the deadline by seven seconds.

The next day, the auto body worker checked the result of the Lotto Max draw and received the shock of his life when discovering he’d won a million dollars. “I just paced around the kitchen nervously. The kids had their heads in the iPads, so they didn’t even notice dad was acting weird,” said the Lotto Max winner.

His wife wasn’t with him at the time because she was on a plane on her way to work. Clint didn’t tell his workmates about his big win before he went to claim his prize. Canadian Richard Walker claimed a $256,243 Lotto 6/49 prize and hadn’t told his wife about it. He also hasn’t told his workmates but insists he’ll be going back to work on Monday. That’s just like John Robinson and his wife Lisa, who said that despite being one of three ticket holders to win a share of the record $1.6bn Powerball jackpot, it’d be back to work on Monday.

Kennedy says that he plans to use his Lotto Max winnings to pay off debts and live a more comfortable life. He also wants to get a new fishing boat. It’s the latest big win in the province of Saskatchewan after Connie and Kevin Mulatz also won $1m playing Lotto Max. The $60m Lotto Max jackpot was finally won in the draw held on Friday June 8.

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