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National Lottery Day is the perfect time to play the lottery

17 July could be extra lucky for lottery players as it’s National Lottery Day. There’s a day for everything and today is the day to celebrate the lottery.

Celebrate National Lottery Day by trying your lottery luck

If there’s one day this week where you should buy a lottery ticket, it’s surely on National Lottery Day. To celebrate this year’s event, we’ve gathered a few fun facts about worldwide lotteries and how they have changed society.

The Lottery has a long and storied history with lotteries that date back to the 15th century.

Just like lotteries do these days, early lotteries were typically designed to help fund local needs. Profits would be used for strengthening villages defences or supporting the poor.

In fact, profits of some of the first lotteries born in the USA went towards building cannons for the American Revolution. The lotteries also helped to fund roads up and down the East Coast of the US.

The lottery has always been popular across the USA

This year National Lottery Day celebrates the lotteries as we know them now. In the USA, lotteries have created over 3,700 millionaires.

Of those 3,700, 85% have chosen to remain anonymous. That means that there are hundreds of secret millionaires out there, one might even be your neighbour.

A lottery player who has won over $1 million will go on to buy on average 4.5 new cars. That’s almost one for every day of the working week, not that they need to work with a million in the bank. Speaking of work, 52% of lottery millionaires leave their job after winning.

Lottery winners are big spenders

While you might expect lottery winners to go big with their purchases, the most popular car is not a Ferrari – it’s an Audi. Range Rovers come in a close second.

Playing the lottery is certainly popular across the USA. Around $70.15 billion is spent on lottery tickets in the US each year. New Yorkers buy more tickets than any other state, spending over $9 billion each year.

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