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A lottery player has missed out on £1 million – here are 10 luxury items they could have bought

One lottery player has just missed out on a £1m windfall. After failing to collect their UK Lotto jackpot within 180 days, the money will now go to charities.

But we got to thinking what could they have bought with all that cash?! Here are ten options they missed out on:

1. £1995 – Tottenham Hotspur season tickets

Making only a small dent in their fortune, a season ticket to watch Tottenham would have cost £1995.

football stadium

That gets you entry to all 19 Premier League home games this season at their brand new stadium.

2. £175,000 est. – McLaren GT

Arrive in style with your brand new supercar. The new McLaren GT is a relatively affordable supercar, only setting you back £175,000.

mclaren GT car

With a top speed of 203 m/ph/326 km/h and over 600 hp, you’ll definitely feel like a lottery winner.

3. A trip to Las Vegas

You might feel like you’ll luck will never run out, and what better place to test that theory than the home of gambling.

Located in the Nevada desert, just over an hour from Los Angeles, this is a place where you could easily spend all £1m.

4. £225 – Dinner by Heston

The world-renowned chef Heston Blumenthal has one of the most expensive meals available in London. For a nine-course Chef’s Table tasting the winner would have had to give up £225 per person.

5. £175,000 – Fly to space

The winner may have felt a million times lighter with £1m in the bank but they could have also experienced Zero-G.

virgin galactic plane

A flight with Virgin Galatic to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere costs only £175,000. A small price to pay for going where very few humans have been.

6. £120,000 est. – 146-night World Cruise

With £1m in the bank, the winner might want to get away from it all. This luxury cruise started in Miami before making its way around the world and disembarks in San Francisco.

For £120,000 they could have enjoyed two swimming pools, six whirlpools, a 9-hole putting course, and much more.

7. £60,000 est. – A Pedigree Racehorse

The winner of the £1m jackpot could have invested in their own racehorse.

The high-stakes world of horse racing could have paid for itself with millions up for grabs each year at pedigree races around the world.

8. £1,690 – An English bulldog

Another animal friend could have been purchased by the lottery winner. According to Pets4Homes, an English bulldog is the most expensive dog breed available.

english bulldog

If they got bored with walking the dog, they could have also afforded a dog walker.

9. £1,199.00 – iRobot Roomba Vaccuum

For £1m, the winner could have afforded a cleaning crew, but a robot is even better.

The Roomba robot vacuum will clean up around the house before discreetly discarding the dirt.

10. £20 – A simple takeaway

Many big winners decide not to be flashy with all that cash. A basic takeaway from their local restaurant is enough for many.

takeaway pizza
Pizza is a favourite at the Lottery24 offices (pixabay)

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