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Double Powerball Win for Michigan Player

One big Powerball win would be enough for most players. However, 65-year-old Thomas McIntyre from Belleville in Michigan, USA, has won twice this year, scooping $350,000. His second win couldn’t have come at a better time.

It was in October 12 draw of last year that he had his first success. He won $100,000 playing Powerball and after discovering his big win, Thomas immediately phoned his mother.

He declared that his windfall would give him “a feeling of safety for my future.” He had no idea then what would happen seven months later.

Perfect Timing

The April 22 Powerball draw was to see him win another $250,000 and it came at a very special time for him. His windfall was won just a day before his birthday and his retirement and you can guess who was the first to find out he was a double winner.
“You never really expect to win a huge Lottery prize, winning for a second time is truly unbelievable,” said the lucky player. “Just like when I won in October, the first person I shared the news with was my mom.”

Lucky Michigan

As we explained in our article about lottery myths last week, it’s just not true that you can’t have two big wins. The success of Mr McIntyre is further proof that this is the case. Who knows, a third win may be just around the corner for the Belleville resident?

Actually, Michigan must be an incredibly lucky place to play the lottery. We recently told you of Martin Clark who has had two $4m wins in the past three years.

Thomas says he plans to invest his $250,000 winnings. McIntyre added that his win will “make my retirement so much more enjoyable and take a lot of stress away.” Both of his wins came playing online, perhaps you will enjoy similar success when purchasing a ticket at Lottery24. The next Powerball draw is on Wednesday 8 July with a jackpot of $69m.