It is impossible for anyone to deny the importance of money. Money is needed for many things in life. There are a few people that have so much money they never have to worry about it. For the rest of the world, money is not that easy to come by. It is a limited resource that must be carefully managed so a person can get the things they need and hopefully some of the things they want. It is not easy to manage money properly. The best way to do it is to learn lessons at an early age that teach you about the importance of money and how you can control it. There are many ways to learn about money. Games and websites can help teach how to recognize, count, save, and manage money easily. With the right tools, there will be no need to worry about going out and buying the winning ticket for the next Mega Millions drawing.

Teaching Money and Math

Bank on wallet

Money is a tangible thing that can be used to help with math skills. It can be used for basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These skills will help a person learn the value of money and can help them get the things they want.

Count Your Coins - Provides problems that allow you to count out the money and determine if you have enough to purchase different items.

Play the Change Game - A timed game that allows the player to count the correct amount of coins.

Money Sums - All different documents on money and money word problems for kids and young adults.

Play the Penny Flip Game in Class - Uses pennies to teach kids how many equal a dime.

Add the Value of the Coins - Add up the values of coins at different levels.

Money at the Farm - Kids can buy toys from a farmer, but only if they can count out the correct amount of coins.

At the Dollar Store - With different types of currency, can the kids find the right amount of money to make a purchase at the dollar store.

Become a Penny Expert - (PPT) Learn how to count using pennies.

Counting Coins and Notes - Kids learn how to count both coins and paper money.

Dollar Change - Kids have to give the correct change for dollar purchases.

Handling Cash

Being able to use basic math skills with cash will help a child buy things, but it does not always help them handle their cash well. Children need to learn how to budget the money they have so they can get the things they want. There are many games and links that can help with this skill. A parent can let their child imagine they have won big jackpots in the Lotto and now they have to figure out what to do with the money. They can teach children how to save the cash they win in the Powerball so that it will last them for a long time. The lotteries can also be used to teach children about odds and how unlikely it is that they will win one of the big prizes, but a smaller prize could be more possible. Consider some of these sites to help teach these lessons.

Orange Kids - Teaches lessons about managing money. Shows how to save, spend, and invest money.

H.I.P. Pocket Change - This game helps kids learn about money management.

Personal Budget Project - Create a budget for anything.

Financial Entertainment - A series of games to help teach money management skills.

Money, Money, Money! - A history of money and why it is important, plus how it is used to live comfortably.

The Ultimate Money WebQuest - Learn how a government makes money and how it is used.

Project C.H.A.N.G.E - This will help teach how achieve the dream of buying things through saving and managing money.

Get $mart About Your Money - (PDF) Learn about money management with this workbook.

Watering Money with a plant

Saving Money and Using credit

The key to being comfortable with money does not lie in winning the lottery. The number one skill that is needed is learning how to save money. This can allow you to have money when you really need it or when you see something you want that is expensive. Whether the money is for a home or for a new car, it is important to save for these goals and also to build the credit that may be needed to borrow for these things. These websites can help with that:

The importance of children knowing about credit and debt

What Kids Need to Know About Credit - Lessons about how to build credit.

Buying Your First Car - Learn about what is needed to buy that first car.

What is Debt? - Explanation that money borrowed has to be repaid.

Money As You Grow - Learn how to save for expensive purchases.

Wise Pockets - The four wise characters teach how to manage money.

It All Adds Up - Games that show players how to build credit, pay for school, and other big things in their life.

BizKid$ - Learn how to save and manage money through a television show.

If I Had a Million Bucks - What could you do if you had a million dollars to spend?

How Stuff Works - Learn how the stock market can be used to save money for the future.

Spend, Save, Invest, or Donate (3-5) - Learn how to save, invest, and donate money.

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