When looking at the history of coin collecting, studying how the collection of coins has evolved over the years, and even the history of money, you are looking over different aspects of numismatics. Coins and other forms of currency have developed in many different ways over the years, and each culture has had its own impact on this development. Studying what has changed currency over the years can lead to insight as to what currency may be like in the future.

Every culture throughout history has had some type of currency. Some have had their own, while others have adapted currencies of the cultures around them. As new items moved around the world, trading became a large part of what cultures did to expand their own resources and gain more stability. This included the different types of coins, paper money, and even certificates that some cultures used as their form of cash. The more trade became standardized around the world, the more coins and currency as a whole had to evolve. Each generation has seen a change in the value cash has, and that is still true today.

Many people have taken notice the changes in currency over their lifetime. This is especially true for the older generations who were around to witness the value of cash during the 1900s change because of the great depression. Cash is now a prerequisite for a successful life all over the world, plus it has become something of a novelty to play with in many nations around the world. Lotteries, such as PowerBall and Mega Millions, have become a fun way for people to chance putting a few dollars on the line with the hopes of getting much more in return. Jackpots for these lotteries can range from a few dollars to a few million dollars, but the odds of a person winning anything can be slim.

You may have been interested in currency your entire life, or maybe something as small as a local lottery sparked your interest, but either way, coin collecting is a hobby that can cost you little aside from your time and dedication. Going through coins you get back on a daily basis can seem tedious, but it can also reward you with cash value as some of the rarest coins are still in circulation today. While the odds are still low, you never know what a little time examining coins may get you. Here are some great resources if you are new to the world of coin collecting.

a range of coins Many people start out by collecting American coins. This is often due to the fact that the coins are so readily available. Going to any type of store can give you the opportunity to find a rare treasure that the rest of the population has simply overlooked. While this is rare, it has been known to happen. Different coins throughout American history have become quite valuable over the years, especially those made out of different types of metals than are being used today. If you plan to start out by collecting American currency, here are some resources that can make your collection increasingly valuable because you will know which coins to look out for.


For those who live outside of the United States, or who are avid world travelers, collecting coins from around the world can also be an incredibly worthwhile hobby. However, this hobby can also be a bit more difficult, depending on how many different countries you plan to have within your collection. Each country has a different financial history, making different coins and cash have different values. Learning what is valuable and what is not can be difficult, but these resources can make that task a bit easier.

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Knowing where to turn to find out more about the currency in your collection can mean the difference between saving a coin, and spending it the next time you head to the store. If you look at an outdated resource, you can quite literally be throwing away more than the cash you are holding in your hands. If you are going to seriously learn about numismatics and what your collection could be worth, then learn which resources are best to turn to, and which are best to avoid. Here are some resources that can be counted on when it comes to learning about what you have in your collection.

Associations & Societies exist all around the world that dedicate themselves to helping people learn about where currency came from and how it evolved into what it is today. They are often the best archives and resources to turn to, both for beginners and novices at coin collecting. Most of these societies have both real-world locations, plus online resources that can help one discover how currency has gone from its basic existence to the staple requirement of existence that it is today. Here are some great resources if you are trying to find your coin's place in world history:

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