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Lottery24 - Woman from Maryland wins Keno jackpot
Keno Queen wins Record $500,000 Jackpot

Steve A.: Wednesday, 04 May 2016, General news

History has been made in Maryland, USA, with the largest ever Keno win. The lucky winner has become known as the Keno Queen and won a record total of $500,004.  The anonymous winner comes from Fort Meade and purchased her winning Keno ticket from the Greene Turtle in Gambrills. She'd only stopped off to use the restroom but then made...

Lottery24 - Truck driver from Billings wins on a scratchcard New Montana lottery scratch card game pays out first jackpot prize

Emma G.: Wednesday, 04 May 2016, Winner stories

A truck driver from Billings in Montana has won the first jackpot worth $10,772 on the state’s Big Sky Bonus Jackpot scratch card, after his granddaughter urged him to purchase the ticket. Ralph  Arnold, who plays the Powerball multi-state lottery twice a week together with his wife, Tracy, purchased...

Lottery24 - Bolton couple celebrates £177K Postcode Lottery win Moving to Blackburn leaves Bolton couple thousands richer thanks to Postcode Lottery

Emma G.: Tuesday, 03 May 2016, Winner stories

A couple from Bolton in Lancashire, England have been made thousands richer after they moved to Blackburn and then won big on the People’s Postcode Lottery. Stephen Mason was born and bred in the town of Bolton, where a factory syndicate won a big prize on the EuroMillions. He moved to...

Lottery24 - John Nelson wins a $25K scratchcard prize Nelson Didn't Know What to Do after $25,000 Scratchcard Win

Steve A.: Tuesday, 03 May 2016, Winner stories

John Nelson from Sioux City in Iowa, won $25,000 playing the Blackout Bingo scratchcard game but just didn't know how to react to his big win. Nelson purchased his winning Blackout Bingo scratchcard from Select Mart in Sioux City while popping out to get a paper. When he scratched it off he knew when the last number...

Lottery24 - Dansville man wins $1m on a scratchcard Scratchcard Present Wins William $1m Cashword Prize

Steve A.: Monday, 02 May 2016, Winner stories

It's always good to receive a present from your relatives. For William Shaffer Jr from Dansville in New York, it ended up with him winning $1m on a Cashword scratchcard. Shaffer received the scratchcard inside a handmade card from his sister Sherry Billups and his brother-in-law Christopher. It was a thank-you card for helping...

Lottery24 - Rollovers All Over The World This Weekend Rollovers All Over The World This Weekend

Steve A.: Sunday, 01 May 2016, General news

The weekend turned out to be a bit of a damp squib for lottery players around the world with no major jackpot winners. Let's hope for better luck from now on.  Friday April 29 saw the draws for EuroMillions, Mega Millions and EuroJackpot.  There was a £37.275m jackpot in the EuroMillions draw. The lucky numbers were:...

Lottery24 - Brian Altis wins $25K on a Kansas scratchcard Brian Goes Pale as He Wins $25,000 Treasure Hunt Scratchcard Prize

Steve A.: Sunday, 01 May 2016, Winner stories

Not a day goes by when Brian Altis from Gardner in Kansas, USA, doesn't play a lottery game. Now he's celebrating after winning $25,000 playing the Treasure Hunt scratchcard game on Sunday April 24.  Altis bought his winning Treasure Hunt scratchcard from the Price Chopper store in Gardner. He waited until...

Lottery24 - $150,000 Hit 5 Jackpot Winner is celebrating $150,000 Hit 5 Jackpot Winner Off to Disney World

Steve A.: Saturday, 30 April 2016, General news

A local paramedic from Gig Harbor in Washington, USA, is taking his children on a special trip after he won a $150,000 Hit 5 Jackpot in the April 23 draw. The lucky Hit 5 winner, who has decided to remain anonymous, purchased his winning ticket from Albertsons in Gig Harbor. He didn't see the draw live, but remembered to check...

Lottery24 - Californian Dreamers Win Big Lottery Prizes Californian Dreamers Win Big Lottery Prizes

Steve A.: Friday, 29 April 2016, General news

Alfonso Andrade from Richmond, California only popped out to the local pizzeria to get some dinner for his family. While waiting for it to be cooked he bought a Set For Life scratchcard from Lee Donuts and won the top prize of $2,000 per month for 25 years, a total of $600,000.  He was so excited about his big win that he...

Lottery24 - Hampshire man delighted with Postcode lottery win Postcode is the winning ticket in Hampshire man’s lottery win

Emma G.: Friday, 29 April 2016, Winner stories

A man from Hampshire is thanking his postcode for being his lucky charm after he won a huge £25,000 on the People’s Postcode Lottery this week. Just a couple of months after Postcode Lottery players in Northwich split £3 million worth of prizes, Henry Cooper, from Longstock in Hampshire,...

Lottery24 - Virginia player wins $5m on a scratch card $20 Virginia lottery win becomes $5 million for man who thought he’d give luck a shot

Emma G.: Thursday, 28 April 2016, Winner stories

A man from Vienna in Virginia, USA, has won $5 million after he reinvested a $20 Virginia lottery win back into another ticket. Robert Young, who is from the town of Vienna, not in Austria but in the Eastern USA state of Virginia, won $20 on a Virginia lottery ticket earlier this week,...

Lottery24 - Change of number ends up in a Powerball win New Numbers Win Iowa Player $250,000 Powerball Windfall

Steve A.: Thursday, 28 April 2016, US PowerballWinner stories

Lon Grail from Afton in Iowa, USA, kept using the same numbers but had no luck. He changed them recently and is now celebrating a $250,000 win in the April 23 Powerball draw. The lucky winner says he's been playing the same set of numbers for about a decade but a couple of months ago he decided it was time for a change. He...

Lottery24 - UK Lotto winners wish to pay back their community Cambridgeshire UK Lotto winners will reward the community that has supported them

Emma G.: Wednesday, 27 April 2016, UK LottoWinner stories

A family from Cambridgeshire who won £729,026 on the UK Lotto have vowed to pay back their community with their lottery winnings. Lorraine Daniels, 41, purchased a lottery ticket with her father, Derek Daniels, 77, for last Wednesday’s UK Lotto draw on April 20th and with it they won...

Lottery24 - Michael wins $4m Millionaire Bucks Prize Extra Ticket Wins Michael $4m Millionaire Bucks Prize

Steve A.: Wednesday, 27 April 2016, Winner stories

Do you ever get that feeling that you really should buy just one more lottery ticket? Well, Michael Zimmerman from Liberty in North Carolina, USA, did and ended up winning a $4m Millionaire Bucks prize. Zimmerman works as an assistant manager at the Ready Mart in Randleman and on his day off  he decided to buy a lottery...

Lottery24 - Brampton woman wins $1m on the Lotto Max Brampton woman is heading for the Rockies after Canadian Lotto Max win

Emma G.: Tuesday, 26 April 2016, Winner stories

A woman from Brampton, Ontario in Canada who has won $1 million on the national Lotto Max game says that she will be using her money to travel. Susan Titus, who lives not far away from a couple of lottery winners who won the $50 million top prize last year, won her $1 million Lotto Max MaxMillions prize on...

Lottery24 - Kansas woman celebrates her Keno lottery win First Keno Ticket Wins Krista $25,234

Steve A.: Tuesday, 26 April 2016, Winner stories

For some of us it's a case of playing lottery games for years and years without getting a substantial win. Not so for Krista Blair from Salina in Kansas, USA.  It was a case of first time lucky for her when she decided to play the Kansas Lottery's 8-Spot Keno game and won a total of $25,234 and it's not her first big lottery win this...

Lottery24 - Shop keeper informs customer of her €7.9 Irish Lotto win Shop Keeper Calls Customer to Tell Her She’s the €7.9m Irish Lotto Jackpot Winner

Steve A.: Monday, 25 April 2016, General news

The identity of just who won the €7.9m Irish Lotto jackpot in the draw held on Saturday April 23 still isn’t known. We do know however that the winner is female and purchased her winning ticket from Hanrahan’s Londis in the Faythe in Wexford. Shop owner Michael Hanrahan...

Lottery24 - The Euro Jackpot lottery was won this weekend The Euro Jackpot lottery is won outright by single player in Germany

Emma G.: Sunday, 24 April 2016, General news

A lottery player from Germany has become the second winner in as many months of the Euro Jackpot top prize. But it wasn’t only the Euro Jackpot lottery that was drawn this weekend, and here begins our weekly roundup of the world’s biggest lottery games, starting with the first draw of the weekend,...

Lottery24 - Dreams Come True for Lottery Winners Dreams Come True for Lottery Winners

Steve A.: Sunday, 24 April 2016, General news

Winning the lottery really can make dreams become reality. Here are some examples of how a few numbers or a scratchcard can change your life forever. A lottery player in Steilacoom in Washington State won $100,000 playing the Hit 5 lottery game. He won his big prize in the April 2 drawing but said he “completely forgot I bought...

Lottery24 - Lottery winner will spend more time with family $100,000 lottery scratchcard winner quits one of her three jobs

Steve A.: Saturday, 23 April 2016, Winner stories

Shelly Hoover from Fort Dodge in Iowa, USA, won’t be retiring after her $100,000 win in ‘The Big Ticket’ scratchcard game but she will be working a lot less in the future. The 46-year-old claimed the second of eight top prizes in ‘The Big Ticket’ scratchcard game. Shelly purchased her...

Lottery24 - Hans Warns from Kingston is a big lottery winner Just What Does Lotto Big Winner Mean?

Steve A.: Friday, 22 April 2016, Winner stories

I guess there are some terms that you can’t really fail to understand like ‘No Parking’ but for some reason some members of staff at the Canadian Tire Gas Bar in Kingston in Ontario, Canada had no idea what a rather special lottery related term means. It didn’t stop Hans Warns winning a $100,000 prize in the April 9...

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