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Lottery24 - Lottery seller picks the right numbers for $30m Oz Lotto
Lottery Seller Successfully Chooses Numbers for $30m Oz Lotto Winners 

Steve A.: Thursday, 28 May 2015, Australian OZ LottoGeneral news

A syndicate of strangers from Perth in Western Australia have won the $30m jackpot in the Oz Lotto draw held on May 26. The owner of the lottery kiosk that sold them the winning ticket claims he successfully worked out the winning numbers and gave them to the syndicate.  Soon-Chiang Yong, who owns...

Lottery24 - Australian Powerball winner denies cheating workmates Australian Powerball winner denies cheating workmates out of millions

Emma G.: Thursday, 28 May 2015, Australian PowerballWinner stories

The Australian Powerball winner accused of stealing his winning ticket from a syndicate made up of his co-workers has spoken out for the first time to deny the allegations. Gary Baron, as we told you earlier this week, is being sued by 14 of his former workmates at Toll Group, a courier company in Geelong,...

Lottey24 - UK Lotto winner describes his jackpot prize as lovely UK Lotto winner’s jackpot prize is ‘lovely’, according to a recording that has been released

Emma G.: Wednesday, 27 May 2015, UK LottoWinner stories

A UK Lotto winner from Scotland, who took home almost £8 million last month responded to his win with “lovely” when it was confirmed over the phone. The phone call recording has been released by the National Lottery and other lottery hopefuls can...

Lottery24 - Mother and daughter battle over $1m New York Lottery winnings Mother and daughter battle over $1m New York Lottery winnings

Steve A.: Wednesday, 27 May 2015, Winner stories

Linza Ford, 21, from Horseheads in New York, USA, claims that in 2012 she won a $1m New York lottery windfall that she will use to resume her college studies. However, her mother, Barbara Quiles, 51, has launched a lawsuit claiming she was the lottery winner and her daughter has reneged on a Lottery Agreement by...

Lottery24 - A long maternity leave thanks to $1 million Canadian Lotto Max win Newfoundland couple will be taking extra-long maternity leave thanks to $1 million Canadian Lotto Max win

Emma G.: Tuesday, 26 May 2015, Winner stories

A couple from the Eastern Canadian province of Newfoundland have become the latest lottery millionaires from the region as they took home a huge $1 million prize from the Canadian Lotto Max. Just a week after another Newfoundland resident picked up just under $1 million on...

Lottery24 - A new scam using EuroMillions winners names Warnings Issued over £1m EuroMillions Lottery Scam

Steve A.: Tuesday, 26 May 2015, EuroMillions UKGeneral news

A warning has been issued about a lottery scam using the names of Richard and Angela Maxwell from Boston in Lincolnshire, England, who won a £53m EuroMillions jackpot in April of this year. The lottery scammers have been sending out bogus messages claiming that the EuroMillions winning couple want to donate...

Lottery24 - Australian Powerball winner is sued for stealing the winning ticket Australian Powerball winner is sued by colleagues for stealing the syndicate’s winning ticket

Emma G.: Monday, 25 May 2015, Australian PowerballWinner stories

A winner of a huge Australian Powerball jackpot is being taken to court amongst claims from his former colleagues that he stole the syndicate’s winning ticket to claim it as his own. Sixteen co-workers who work as couriers in Geelong, Victoria, claim that they formed a...

Lottery24 - Los Angeles Powerball winner plans some beach holidays Parking Spot Leads to $600,140 Powerball Win for Loren

Steve A.: Monday, 25 May 2015, US PowerballWinner stories

Loren Schmalle from Santa Monica in Los Angeles County, USA, had two pieces of good luck on April 29. Firstly there was a parking space available in front of his favourite lottery retailer and secondly his Powerball ticket matched the five main balls in the draw held on April 29 winning $600,140.  Schmalle is a busy...

Lottery24 - Lottery winners around the world Lottery news from around the world

Steve A.: Sunday, 24 May 2015, General news

Lightning can strike twice but for Wanda Grasso from Ottumwa in Iowa, USA, it took 30 years to do so. Wanda won $10,000 playing the Golden Casino scratchcard game on May 6 to follow up a previous $25,000 lottery windfall. It was back in 1987 that Wanda won $25,000 playing the Wheel Spin scratchcard game. Grasso, who is retired, purchased her...

Lottery24 - More rollovers in world lotteries this weekend More rollovers in world lotteries this weekend

Emma G.: Sunday, 24 May 2015, General news

Just like we reported last weekend, there were some big jackpots up for grabs in the world lotteries this weekend, but after the draws took place it appeared that nobody was able to take home the top prizes. Beginning with the EuroMillions lottery, a jackpot worth just over £22 million was on offer for any place who could...

Lottery24 - £1m EuroMillions winner misses out on becoming a millionaire Liverpudlian EuroMillions winner misses out on becoming a millionaire

Emma G.: Sunday, 24 May 2015, EuroMillions UKGeneral news

A lottery player from the North West of England has missed out on his or her chance to become a millionaire after they failed to claim their EuroMillions prize worth £1 million. The lottery player won the £1 million prize on the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker raffle game in November of 2014, and,...

Lottery24 - Crossword Ca$h Winner from California will buy a new Corvette Shiny New Corvette on Shopping List of $750,000 Crossword Ca$h Winner

Steve A.: Saturday, 23 May 2015, Winner stories

Pablo Bringas, 57 from Suisun City in Solano County, California, USA, won $750,000 playing a Crossword Ca$h Scratchcard and now he plans on buying a shiny new Corvette.  It was 2am on May 18 when Bringas purchased his winning Crossword Ca$h scratchcard from Sunset Shell at 200 Sunset Avenue in Suisun...

Lottery24 - 82 years old player wins $3m Supercash prize Last Resort Lottery Machine Wins 82-Year-Old $3m Supercash Prize

Steve A.: Friday, 22 May 2015, Winner stories

82-year-old retired salesman Edward Shattuck from Johnson City, New York, USA, decided to re-invest a lottery win and ended up winning a $3m Supercash prize. But it could have been very different if he had chosen the wrong lottery machine to play. Shattuck purchased his winning Supercash scratchcard ticket last...

Lottery24 - Canadian player won $675K on the Set for Life lottery Newfoundland man is Set for Life thanks to $675,000 lottery pay out

Emma G.: Friday, 22 May 2015, Winner stories

A lottery player from the Burin Peninsula in Eastern Canada has picked up his winnings from a Set for Life lottery scratch card this week, taking almost $700,000 in cash. Celestine Tarrant, a Newfoundland local who commutes across the width of Canada to work in Alberta, won the top prize on the Set for Life...

Lottery24 - Player from Florida wins $10m on the Florida Cash game $10m Florida Cash winner to buy new home for parents

Steve A.: Thursday, 21 May 2015, Winner stories

Bryan Goldstein, 36, from Hallandale Beach in Florida, USA won a staggering $10m prize on a Florida Cash scratchcard. He plans on using some of his winnings to buy a new home for his parents. Goldstein has opted to accept his Florida Cash lottery prize as a one-off lump sum payment and after payment of taxes will receive...

Lottery24 - Syndicate from Hartlepool won on the UK Lotto Hartlepool bowling club syndicate score big with £343,643 UK Lotto win

Emma G.: Thursday, 21 May 2015, UK LottoWinner stories

A syndicate of UK Lotto players from Hartlepool in North East England, who are also keen amateur bowlers, have been bowled over this week after their ticket won them £38,000 each. The group of nine players, who call themselves the League Bowlers, matched five numbers and the bonus ball in the UK...

Lottery24 - Scrabble Player Becomes Powerball Millionaire Scrabble Player Becomes Powerball Millionaire

Steve A.: Wednesday, 20 May 2015, US PowerballWinner stories

Retired obstetrician and ace Scrabble player Theodore Drake from Bath in Maine, USA is used to getting high scores with letters. He's pretty good with numbers too as he matched the five main numbers in the May 6 Powerball draw to become a lottery millionaire. The lucky winner declined to speak to the press but we do know he...

Lottery24 - Liverpool player wins big on National Lottery Scratch Card Liverpool film fanatic wins big on National Lottery Scratch Card

Emma G.: Wednesday, 20 May 2015, Winner stories

A big film fan from Liverpool in England has declared that he will be treating himself and his mother, who loves Elvis Presley, to a trip to Graceland after winning £300,000 on a UK National Lottery scratch card. Richard Simpson, who works as a security guard, won the top prize of £300,000 on the...

Lottery24 - Player from Czech Republic wins record 90m EuroJackpot prize Player from Czech Republic Scoops record 90m EuroJackpot Prize

Steve A.: Tuesday, 19 May 2015, Euro JackpotGeneral news

A ticket sold in the Czech Republic has won the record top prize of 90 million euros in the EuroJackpot lottery draw held on Friday May 15.  The massive Eurojackpot winnings comfortably beat the previous record of 61.1 million euros won by a player from Finland in September 2014.  The winner has 35 days in...

Lottery24 - Pete Kemp from Iowa almost lost his winning Powerball ticket Iowa Powerball player tapes his ticket together and wins $1 million

Emma G.: Tuesday, 19 May 2015, US PowerballWinner stories

A man from Des Moines in Iowa has won a huge $1 million Powerball prize on the lottery after he taped his torn ticket back together and claimed his prize. Pete Kemp’s ticket was very nearly lost in the process of collecting his $1 million prize, but luckily the lottery player was feeling very...

Lottery24 - Barry Howie from Buckie won £400K on the EuroMillions Second lottery winner from Buckie in a month thanks to the EuroMillions

Emma G.: Monday, 18 May 2015, EuroMillions UKWinner stories

A father of two has become the second lottery winner in the last few weeks from the Scottish coastal town of Buckie, as he won almost £400,000 in the EuroMillions draw held last weekend. Barry Howie, an offshore mechanic, discovered his win when he was at work during the week, and was promptly sent...

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