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Lottery24 - Retired New York firefighter is $5 million Cash X100 lottery winner
Retired New York firefighter is $5 million Cash X100 lottery winner

Emma G.: Friday, 03 July 2015, Winner stories

A former firefighter from New York City has become a millionaire after winning $5 million on a Cash X100 scratch-off lottery ticket, which will enable him to treat his family to something extra special. Carmelo Mercado, who has been retired now for more than a decade, worked extensively on the site of the...

Lottery24 - Kim Brown wins $30K on the Iowa Lottery Kim Misses Target But Still Wins $30,000 Bonus Crossword Scratchcard Prize

Steve A.: Friday, 03 July 2015, Winner stories

Kim Brown from Waterloo in Iowa, USA, had a feeling that she was going to get a big win on the Bonus Crossword game and set herself a June 19 target for doing so. She failed to meet that target but six days later she won $30,000. Crossword style scratchcards are hugely popular in the USA,...

Lottery24 - A woman from Perth won a $2.1m Saturday Australian Lotto Jackpot Don't Feel Depressed, You've just won a $2.1m Saturday Australian Lotto Jackpot

Steve A.: Thursday, 02 July 2015, Australian LottoGeneral news

A woman from Canning Vale in Perth, Western Australia has become the latest lottery jackpot winner from the state after winning $2.1m in the June 27 Saturday Australian Lotto draw. The Australian Lotto winning family have decided to remain anonymous but the Canning Vale mother said the windfall came...

Lottery24 - Irish family from Co Offaly win €500K on the EuroMillions Plus game Irish family syndicate win €500,000 on first ever EuroMillions ticket

Emma G.: Thursday, 02 July 2015, General news

A group of five relatives from Co Offaly in Ireland have won a huge €500,000 prize on the EuroMillions Plus lottery thanks to their first ever ticket. The family, who chose to remain anonymous when they collected their prize, purchased a Quick Pick ticket for the EuroMillions Plus draw on Friday,...

Lottery24 - Michael Stetar of Elgin in Illinois won $4 million on the lottery Postal Worker Wins $4m Golden Casino Prize

Steve A.: Wednesday, 01 July 2015, Winner stories

A change is as good as a rest and it certainly worked for Michael Stetar from Elgin in Illinois, USA. He decided to play a new scratchcard game and ended up winning a $4m lottery prize. The 54-year-old has been a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service for the past 17 years and every week he buys a lottery ticket. Stetar...

Lottery24 - A lady from Wisbech won £25k on the People Postcode Lottery People’s Postcode Lottery winner takes her prize to the dentist

Emma G.: Wednesday, 01 July 2015, Winner stories

A grandmother from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, England, has won a top prize on the People’s Postcode Lottery and is heading straight to the dentist. Janet Hurst, 73, was presented with a £25,000 cheque last weekend by former Z Factor star Danyl Johnson, who is now a People’s Postcode Lottery...

Lottery24 - Life really changes when becoming a lottery winner Life Really Does Change When Becoming a Lottery Winner 

Steve A.: Tuesday, 30 June 2015, General news

Some players take a while to claim their lottery winnings. A lottery syndicate from Connecticut took two weeks to find out they'd won $1m and a Powerball winner from Washington State kept a $1m winning ticket in their pocket for a month.However, Hashim Arikat from San Mateo County in California, USA, took just two...

Lottery24 - Orencia Barzey from Lauderhill claimed her $80m Powerball jackpot Florida Powerball winner claims $80 million jackpot

Emma G.: Tuesday, 30 June 2015, US PowerballWinner stories

A Powerball lottery winner from Florida has come forward to collect the $80 million prize that she won in the multi-state lottery draw on June 20th. Orencia Barzey, 37, from Lauderhill, had the only winning ticket for the Powerball draw held on Saturday, June 20th 2015, and therefore won herself a huge $80 million jackpot....

Lottery24 - A family from Rotorua won $24m on the New Zealand Powerball $24.3m New Zealand Powerball Winners Won't Quit Their Jobs

Steve A.: Monday, 29 June 2015, General news

A family from Rotorua in New Zealand had no idea their New Zealand Powerball ticket was worth $24.3m but say they will carry on working. Their big win came in the Powerball draw held on Saturday June 27. The lottery jackpot winners, who have decided to remain anonymous, purchased their winning Powerball ticket from...

Lottery24 - Dublin couple can change their life thanks to a big Irish Lotto win Dublin couple to retire in style thanks to an Irish Lotto win

Emma G.: Monday, 29 June 2015, General news

A couple from Dublin are planning their retirement in style now that they have collected just under €3 million from an Irish Lotto win. The couple, who chose to remain anonymous but did reveal that they are from North Country Dublin, won their top prize in last Wednesday night’s draw, but didn’t...

Lottery24 - Lottery Scratchcard Winners Celebrate Their Luck Lottery Scratchcard Winners Celebrate Their Good Fortune

Steve A.: Sunday, 28 June 2015, Winner stories

24 hours after Father's Day, Jairo Velasquez Perez from Seaside in California, USA, was given a Crossword Ca$h scratchcard from his dad and it won him $750,000. He's the latest big winner in California after Jose Hernandez from Sacramento won $1m. It's not the first time a father has given a son a fantastic lottery...

Lottery24 - EuroMillions and UK Lotto were won this weekend EuroMillions and UK Lotto are won as US lotteries roll over

Emma G.: Sunday, 28 June 2015, General news

This weekend saw two out of the four biggest world lotteries pay out their jackpots to single ticket holders, as other top prizes grew. First off we saw the EuroMillions lottery celebrate its Mega Friday draw, which meant that ten lucky players received a £1 million and a private pool escape. As well as the Mega...

Lottery24 - Ontario couple take home Canadian Dream Lottery prize Ontario couple take home Canadian Dream Lottery prize

Emma G.: Saturday, 27 June 2015, Winner stories

A couple from London, Ontario have taken home a huge Canadian Dream Lottery prize, and they’ve taken that prize to a new home thanks to their big win. The Dream Lottery, which takes place in London, Ontario, is a once per year lottery game which benefits hospitals in the local area, and gives players the chance to win...

Lottery24 - Family Comes First for Chicago Lottery Winners Family Comes First for Chicago Lottery Winners

Steve A.: Saturday, 27 June 2015, Winner stories

A trio of players from Chicago, Illinois, USA, are celebrating after winning big lottery prizes in June. The lucky players have all decided to use their lottery winnings to help their families. Maria Perea from Chicago won $100,000 on a Golden Casino scratchcard purchased while out for a walk. Last year Perea won $2,500 playing the...

Lottery24 - Jane Lewis from Halifax wins £4.3m on the UK Lotto £4.3m UK Lotto Winner Treats Herself to a Pair of Slippers

Steve A.: Friday, 26 June 2015, UK LottoWinner stories

The  first thing Jane Lewis, 69, from Halifax in West Yorkshire, England, purchased after winning a £4.3m UK Lotto jackpot was a pair of slippers, and she wasn't too pleased they cost her £18. Lewis purchased her winning UK Lotto ticket for the June 17 draw from Tesco in Halifax but decided not to...

Lottery24 - Two lottery winners claim their $1m Powerball prize Southern lottery winners claim their Powerball prizes

Emma G.: Friday, 26 June 2015, US PowerballWinner stories

Two Powerball lottery winners from the USA’s southern states have claimed their top prizes, one after keeping us guessing for two months, and the other immediately after the draw. The first Powerball winner, who is from Hiram in Georgia, bought her ticket for the Powerball draw on April 11th, and waited until...

Lottery24 - Friends get $1m lottery win in California Second Chance Program gives Friends $1m California Lottery Win

Steve A.: Thursday, 25 June 2015, Winner stories

If at first you don't succeed, try again. That's how Priscilla Kim from La Palma in California, USA,won $1m. Her win came in the California Lottery's popular Second Chance program, where losing tickets are given another chance of winning. Kim intends on sharing her winnings with friend Andrew Sa from Artesia...

Lottery24 - Iowa lottery winner will purchase his plot at the cemetery Iowa lottery double winner is off to the cemetery

Emma G.: Thursday, 25 June 2015,

An Iowa man who won two major scratch off prizes in one day is set on spending his money on a sensible purchase: his plot at the cemetery. Ken Broadwell, 75, won two big prizes from the Iowa lottery this week, and he told lottery officials that his first plans are to buy up his real estate at the cemetery, and get his own...

Lottery24 - Helen Fortune wins $1m on the Canadian Lotto 649 Fortune Lives Up to her Name with $1m Canadian Lotto 6/49 Win

Steve A.: Wednesday, 24 June 2015, Winner stories

Here's a story of a lottery winner who has certainly lived up to her name. Helen Fortune from Oxford Junction in Ontario, Canada, has won a $1m Lotto 6/49 prize in the draw held on June 17. It's the latest big Lotto 6/49 win for players in Ontario. In February, Sheila Nagels from  Hamilton won a $5m...

Lottery24 - Couple win $15m on the Massachusetts Supreme Millions game Cape Cod newlyweds are first $15 million winners of Massachusetts Supreme Millions game

Emma G.: Wednesday, 24 June 2015, Winner stories

A couple from Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA have become the first winners of the top $15 million prize in a brand new Supreme Millions game. The lottery game, which is a scratch off instant win game, was introduced in the state of Massachusetts on April 28th, and already more than 3 million...

Lottery24 - Welsh EuroMillions winners already bought a nice car Welsh Couple Splash out on New Car after £1m EuroMillions Win

Steve A.: Tuesday, 23 June 2015, EuroMillions UKWinner stories

Jeff Pritchard and his wife Davina from Gwendraeth Valley in Wales have already splashed out on a new car after winning £1m in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker draw held on Friday June 5. Their win came as they were planning to get a Kia Sportage for Davinia. However, when you become a lottery...

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