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Lottery24 - Bonoloto won twice in two days
Bonoloto Jackpot Won Twice in Two Days

Steve A.: Friday, 21 July 2017, General news

It’s been a good week for playing the Bonoloto draw with the jackpot being won on both Wednesday and Thursday. There was also a €1m Lotto 6 aus 45 jackpot won on Wednesday. Last Tuesday saw a ticket sold in Portugal win a €17m EuroMillions jackpot but this time around the draw ended in a rollover. No tickets could match...

Lottery24 - Lotto Max winner helps evacuees British Columbia Lotto Max Extra winner turns good luck into a good deed

Emma G.: Friday, 21 July 2017, Winner stories

A Canadian Lotto winner from Kamloops in British Columbia, Canada has vowed to turn his good luck into a good deed as he gives back to his local community following a Lotto Max win. Jason Labby, from Kamloops, told the BC Lottery Corporation that he plans to ‘Pay It Forward’ following his big...

Lottery24 - Three winners share $50m Oz Lotto jackpot Three corners of Australia share in $50 million Oz Lotto jackpot

Emma G.: Thursday, 20 July 2017, Australian OZ LottoGeneral news

Winners from across Australia this week are celebrating after sharing in a $50 million Oz Lotto jackpot, the largest so far this year. The winners are one in Brisbane, Queensland, one in Sydney, New South Wales, and the other in Gwelup, Western Australia. So far, we have only heard from the winners in Brisbane and...

Lottery24 - Family claimed $448m Powerball jackpot $447.8m Powerball jackpot Prize Finally Claimed

Steve A.: Thursday, 20 July 2017, US PowerballWinner stories

Just over a month after winning a $447.8m Powerball jackpot in the June 10 draw, Jeff Lindsay and his family from Menifee in Southern California, USA, have finally come forward to claim their massive prize. The Powerball win was the seventh largest in the history of the game. Earlier this year there were celebrations marking 25...

Lottery24 - An issue in NZ Powerball draw Live New Zealand Powerball draw hit by Technical Problems

Steve A.: Wednesday, 19 July 2017, General news

Players watching the New Zealand Powerball draw on July 15 were in for a bit of a surprise when the live draw ran into problems and in the end, it had to be made off-screen. Everything was going as normal until it came to the all-important Powerball number. “There it is – Powerball number six,” said the...

Lottery24 - Player wins big on the Lotto47 Michigan lottery players score millions of dollars in prizes

Emma G.: Wednesday, 19 July 2017, General news

Over the last few weeks a plethora of Michigan Lottery players have taken home huge amounts in lottery pay-outs, including a Detroit winner of $2 million. Very recently we told you about a Michigan lottery player who won $300,000 on a Bingo Plus scratch card. The lucky Detroit winner, who scored his $2 million prize...

Lottery24 - Irish syndicate collect EuroMillions win €369,210 EuroMillions Winning Syndicate Hire Special Bus to claim Win

Steve A.: Tuesday, 18 July 2017, EuroMillions UKWinner stories

It’s been a good month for Irish lottery syndicates and another is celebrating a big win. They scooped €369,210 in the July 11 EuroMillions draw and had a special way of collecting their win in Dublin. At the weekend, we told you of the syndicate that recently won a €29m EuroMillions...

Lottery24 - Barnsley neighbours celebrate People Postcode Lottery win Barnsley neighbours share in £3 million People’s Postcode Lottery win

Emma G.: Tuesday, 18 July 2017, General news

A group of neighbours from Barnsley in the north of England have shared in a People’s Postcode Lottery win worth £3 million, with some players taking home as much as £450,000. The winners, totalling 308 separate households in total, won prizes worth between £4,451 to...

Lottery24 - Three tickets matched Lotto 6 aus 45 jackpot Mega Millions Jackpot Up to $232m

Steve A.: Monday, 17 July 2017, General news

Three lucky ticket holders won a €1,422,810.90 jackpot in Sunday’s Lotto 6 aus 45 draw. It was rollovers in the other main European and American lotteries with the Mega Millions jackpot now up to $232m. The EuroMillions draw on Friday had a £14.9m jackpot after a ticket from Portugal won a €17m EuroMillions top prize in...

Lottery24 - Man claims $3m Mega Millions prize May Mega Millions winner finally claims $3.1 million prize in California

Emma G.: Monday, 17 July 2017, US Mega MillionsWinner stories

A Mega Millions player from Chula Vista in California, USA, has finally claimed a $3.1 million Mega Millions prize won back in May. Binggang Li, from Chula Vista, purchased two Mega Millions ticket from his local store before the lottery drawing on May 19th, and one of those ticket matched the five winning...

Lottery24 - Syndicate claims €29m EuroMillions jackpot Syndicate Finally Claims €29m EuroMillions Jackpot Win

Steve A.: Sunday, 16 July 2017, EuroMillions UKGeneral news

A syndicate from the west of Ireland have claimed the €29m EuroMillions jackpot they won in the July 7 draw and described the past seven days as “a roller coaster week.” The syndicate members have all asked to remain anonymous. That’s just like the Australian syndicate who won a $40m Australian...

Lottery24 - Player from Ontario celebrates Lotto Max win Southern Ontario man wins $100,000 on Lotto Max Encore

Emma G.: Sunday, 16 July 2017, Winner stories

A man from King in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada, has won a huge $100,000 with his lotto Max Encore ticket, and said he thought he was dreaming. Giuseppe di Mambro, who lives not far from another GTA lottery winner, a Brampton Lotto Max winner of $1 million, bought his winning ticket from a Shell gas station...

Lottery24 - Player wins $10.3m NZ Powerball prize Lucky Feeling Leads to $10.3m New Zealand Powerball Win

Steve A.: Saturday, 15 July 2017, General news

A lucky player from Tauranga in New Zealand is celebrating after winning the $10.3m New Zealand Powerball jackpot in the July 8 draw but so nearly didn’t buy a ticket. The New Zealand Powerball winner has opted to remain anonymous just like the Australian man who recently won a $50m Australian Powerball jackpot. This...

Lottery24 - Luciano won $23m on the Lotto Max Luciano Has his Wife to Thank for $23.6m Lotto Max Win

Steve A.: Friday, 14 July 2017, Winner stories

Luciano Polera from Ontario in Canada, is looking forward to retirement after he won $23.6m in the July 7 Lotto Max draw. But it’s a win that he owes to his loving wife. The 64-year-old has been playing lottery games for the past 40 years and now he’s finally had the big win he’s always dreamed of. It...

Lottery24 - Brothers share Scratch & Win lottery prize British Columbia brothers win largest ever scratch card prize in province history

Emma G.: Friday, 14 July 2017, Winner stories

A pair of brothers from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, have won the largest ever jackpot from a Scratch & Win lottery scratch card in the Province’s history. Daniel and Kenneth Boylan, aged 28 and 29, won a $2.5 million prize on a $250 million Golden Treasures scratch...

Lottery24 - An Irish Lotto win at perfect time Irish Lotto player falls short of dream job, instead wins dream Lotto jackpot

Emma G.: Thursday, 13 July 2017, General news

A man from Co Meath in Ireland who was turned down for his dream job has now found a new dream, in winning a €415,000 Irish Lotto jackpot. The Meath man, who is in his 30s, told lottery officials that he recently was turned down for his dream job after going through two rounds of interviews, and...

Lottery24 - EuroMillions jackpot won again EuroMillions Jackpot Won for Third Time in Four Draws

Steve A.: Thursday, 13 July 2017, General news

Tuesday saw a lucky ticket sold in Portugal win a €17m EuroMillions jackpot. That’s the third jackpot winner in the last four draws. Also, the Thunderball jackpot of £500,000 was won for the second successive draw. Friday’s EuroMillions draw again proved to be a successful one after a shop in Co. Mayo,...

Lottery24 - The EuroMillions jackpot was sold in Mayo Irish EuroMillions winner bought ticket in Mayo

Emma G.: Wednesday, 12 July 2017, EuroMillions UKGeneral news

Last weekend one EuroMillions ticket holder from Ireland won a huge €28.9 million jackpot, and now we can finally reveal where the winning ticket was purchased. Just over a week ago a UK EuroMillions player won £87 million in the SuperDraw, and now lottery officials revealed that the Irish winner of the huge...

Lottery24 - Bell claims $50K on a 20X The Cash scratchcard Car Trouble Leads to $50,000 Scratchcard Win

Steve A.: Wednesday, 12 July 2017, General news

A woman from Haines City in Florida, had trouble with her car while visiting the state of Maryland. Her day got better though as she won $50,000 on a 20x The Cash scratchcard. Thomas Stevens also comes from Florida but it was in Maryland where he won $100,000 playing Powerball. The 62-year-old woman hasn’t revealed her full...

Lottery24 - Man wins big on a California Gold scratchcard That’s No Robbery, It’s a $10m California Gold Scratchcard Win!

Steve A.: Tuesday, 11 July 2017, Winner stories

When two police units head towards a store in Cypress, California, you might be expecting some kind of robbery. In fact, it happened after Richard Maciel scooped an amazing $10m win on a California Gold scratchcard. It was in June that Richard stopped off at the Cypress Smoke Shop with the intention of...

Lottery24 - Suffolk lottery winners are helping Suffolk Lottery winners team together to help local community

Emma G.: Tuesday, 11 July 2017, General news

A group of lottery winners from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, England, have all clubbed together to help give a local community hospice a makeover in time for summer. The six lottery winners, who between them have won over £3 million thanks to the National Lottery and EuroMillions, all got together last week at...

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