Privacy Policy

Security and your privacy is our top priority!

Our site has the highest security systems in place. Communication between your browser and the site is protected using SSL encryption.A closed padlock symbol in the bottom right corner of your browser will verify that the page is encrypted. Secure pages are used from the moment you log in or go to the registration page until you log out again.An open or no padlock means the page is unsecured and your information could be viewed by others.


Personal Information
We collect your personal information when you register purely to provide you with a complete service. We need to communicate with you about your purchases, winnings, etc. The personal information you provide us is kept completely confidential.
Credit card details
We only collect your credit card details during online sales. These details are stored behind multiple firewalls to ensure that unauthorised access is prohibited and impossible.
We will only use your email address to send you newsletters, updates and Jackpot Alerts concerning our lotteries. If you want to stop receiving these mailings, you simply click on the un-subscribe links at the bottom of the email.
We do not rent or buy unsolicited mailing lists, SMS databases or any other form of unsolicited mailing material for the use of marketing. We rely on link swaps, banner advertising, search engine referrals and word of mouth as friendly and unobtrusive forms of marketing.
Use of Cookies
When you visit this website, your session is maintained by using cookies. Cookies are small bits of information stored on your computer that allows it to remember who you requires cookies to enable you to login. No sensitive information is stored in the cookie, only a temporary handle to maintain your session.