Powerball Winners The FEMA Team

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Powerball Winners The FEMA Team Bag Jackpot of $10 million

Powerball Winners The FEMA Team, fifteen workers from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) in Berryville, West Virginia won the lottery prize of $10 million on 29th June 2005.

Powerball Winners The FEMA Team

The winning Powerball results numbers, which made fifteen people very happy, were 3, 8, 22, 42, 49, and a Powerball of 39.  West Virginia Governor, Joe Manchin, came to lottery headquarters in Charleston, VA. to present the Powerball prize to the lucky winners. Fourteen members of The FEMA Team were present and Debbie Bucher from Winchester collected the giant cheque on behalf of the group.

Powerball Winners The FEMA Team Choose Cash Payout

The winners opted to take the cash payout of $5.8 million. Choosing the winning Powerball numbers enabled each member of the team to take home $388,048.12 before taxes and $265,812.96 after taxes for their Powerball jackpot.
Jimmy Freeman won $25.6 million in 2011 and also chose the cash option for his Powerball prize.

Five Years Of Buying Tickets

The FEMA Team have been buying Powerball lottery tickets for over five years and have had a few wins but nothing as big as this one.  The only winner who wasn’t at the cheque presentation was Paul Whittemore.  Paul was the guy who started the pool to play Powerball and he was the one who always bought the tickets for the group.  He was too busy organising disaster relief for the victims of Hurricane Dennis to attend the Powerball jackpot cheque presentation.
When contacted, Whittemore said he enjoyed putting the pool together and organising the tickets but “Getting fourteen other people together to talk about the details of the Powerball lottery win, has been something else, sort of like herding cats and mice at the same time.  One woman in a wheelchair got real emotional saying she would be buying a car she would never have had.  Whittemore said his first priority with his Powerball jackpot was to pay off his mortgage and give to a couple of charities.  He then wants to continue celebrating his 70th birthday.  He explains, “I was on Cape Cod for my 70th birthday, July 4th, but because of all this, it wasn’t exactly peaceful.  Maybe now things will calm down.

Bought Fifteen Tickets

Whittemore said that he was so excited when he checked the Powerball lottery results against their first ticket that he hasn’t even checked the other fourteen tickets for winning Powerball numbers.
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$100,000 For Sheetz Store

Sheetz Store, Washington Street, Charles Town, West Virginia sold the winning Powerball lottery ticket and will receive $100,000. Sheetz executive vice president for marketing, Louie Sheetz said, “We couldn’t be happier to see our Sheetz customers win big.  This is what makes the lottery so exciting.”  Sheetz, who employ over 10,000 people, have sold over $3.35 million worth of lottery products in their 23 stores over the last year.  This has resulted in nearly $1 million of revenue for West Virginia.
Sheetz Community Sponsorship Co-ordinator, Angela Ianuzzi, said the employees at the store which sold the winning Powerball lottery ticket had decided to give $10,000 to St. Jude’s Centre for Cancer Research in Memphis, TN. The remaining money will be given to the staff in the form of a bonus, after lottery overheads have been paid out.  Sheetz district manager, Ramona Kitt said, “While celebrating with the winners, we are grateful for the opportunity to share with St. Jude’s.  We’re thrilled for our customers and we’re thrilled for the children of St. Jude’s.”
The shop which sold 2014 winner of $124.9 million Mary Ann Thompson her winning ticket also received a $100,000 reward.