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Powerball Winner Stephen Kirwan

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On 22nd January 2011, Powerball Winner Stephen Kirwan’s luck changed for the better. He won the lottery jackpot of $122 million with the numbers 30-31-34-45-51 and the Powerball 23. Just over a year before Stephen’s house, on the northern edge of the Catskills mountains, burnt down.

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Stephen Kirwan, aged 68, retired from the FDNY in 1985 after twenty four years of being on board Truck #31 in the South Bronx. Kirwan and his wife, Catherine, then moved to Purling, Green County, after Kirwan saw a housing flyer in a shop in the Bronx.

He then worked for Stiefel Laboratories, which manufacturers face creams, until his second retirement.





Stephen Kirwan regularly plays the lottery at various venues around Catskill. He decided to play Powerball with five tickets from Clothespin Laundromat, Catskill Commons shopping plaza. “I picked my own numbers,” he said, “They don’t mean anything. They’re just random numbers that I picked.”
At the press conference, where he was presented with his Powerball lotto jackpot dummy cheque, Kirwan said, “I’m not overly lucky. My own home was damaged by fire last year. I guess I got a lifetime of luck all at once.”

Yolanda Vega of the New York Lottery Division asked Stephen Kirwan if he knew what being a multimillionaire felt like, his reply was “No, I’ve never been one.” Kirwan has decided not to take the $122 million paid out over 29 years, but to take the cash payout instead.

This means that he will receive $61.2 million before taxes and $40.4 after taxes for his Powerball prize. Palmira Nicolo opted to take the cash payout as well after he won $87.2 million in 2009.



On Sunday morning Stephen was at his home and slowly checked his Powerball lottery tickets before finding that one had all of the winning numbers from the Powerball results including the Powerball. “I sat at the table on Sunday morning and checked my numbers in the paper as usual.

I checked these numbers three times before I finally turned to my wife and said, ‘I think I won.’” Kirwan was exceptionally excited and asked his wife, Catherine, to check the tickets again. Catherine said that when she realised they had won the Powerball lotto jackpot, she just sat down in a state of shock.





Stephen plans to do a lot for his family. When his house burnt down on February 2nd 2010, all his family were there to help him in his hour of need. He said he was in such a state, that he was unaware that he was standing on his front lawn in his underwear at 2.30 a.m., until his daughter, Christine, came and took him away to her home.

Kirwan said his family were absolutely great to him and his wife, so he plans to take his daughter Christine, who is 25, and his son Stephen, who is 26 on a cruise. And that is just the beginning.

The Kirwan’s house is being rebuilt at the moment thanks to Stephen’s winning Powerball numbers, and they have no intention of moving away from Greene County. However, they may decide to spend their winters somewhere warm rather than suffer the cold.

Naturally, family is at the top of most winners’ minds, and Thomas and Kathleen Morris were another example after they won $228.9 million in 2011.