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Powerball Winner Brad Duke

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Powerball Winner Brad Duke, aged 33, knew that one day his winning Powerball numbers would result in a big Powerball lotto prize. He had carefully studied the winning Powerball numbers over the years, and always played what he described as the ‘hot’ numbers. The Powerball results of the 28th May 2005 proved that Duke’s chosen numbers – 5, 7, 24, 28, 29, and a Powerball of 36, were certainly ‘hot’.

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Brad was already a successful and happy man before his winning Powerball numbers gave him a $220.3 million Powerball lottery jackpot on 28th May 2005. He had bought a house and had a good job as a manager at Gold Gym’s fitness centre in the Treasure Valley. Duke plans to continue working as he believes it will help him to stay grounded after his Powerball lotto success.

Many of the winners from syndicate ‘100 Miracles’ also wanted to continue working following their $208.6 million win in 2006.

Brad came from humble beginnings and said his parents did the best they could to bring up four children on very little. Duke chose to take the cash payout of $126 million before taxes and $86 million after taxes for his Powerball lottery jackpot. He has a plan to turn that $86 million Powerball lotto money into $1 billion within 15 years, so the money will take care of his family for generations to come. “I’ll make sure I take care of the people who took care of me.”





Brad Duke doesn’t plan to spend much of his Powerball lottery jackpot but he is going to buy a new car, take a trip with friends, buy a new bike and perhaps build a house in Boise.


Brad Duke usually cycled on a Saturday morning and the morning of 28th May 2005 was no different. He stopped at Jackson’s Food Mart in southwest Idaho to buy some fuel for his car and himself, and decided to play Powerball, using what he hoped would be his winning Powerball numbers . He rode a good race, coming in third, had drinks with friends and then went home. Duke didn’t even think about the Powerball lotto results until a friend mentioned that someone in the area had won $220.3 million and they hadn’t come forward yet to claim their Powerball prize.

On his way home that evening, Duke stopped for fuel at Stinker Station and asked for his Powerball lotto ticket to be put through the machine. The girls in the store started screaming hysterically, telling Duke that he had the winning Powerball numbers. Duke was now in a state of shock and carefully took his winning ticket from one of the girls and left the store and sat in his truck. He is not sure to this day, whether he actually paid for his fuel or not.

Duke then rang his Dad from the truck to tell him about the Powerball results. He told his Dad to sit down as he had some news for him. “What, did you get married?” John Duke asked his son. “No, not that,” Brad replied. “Oh, then you must have won the lottery,” John replied. “Well, yeah, Dad I did. All $220 million of it,” Brad replied.




Duke waited over two weeks before he came forward to claim his Powerball lottery jackpot and during this time, he put together a team of advisers including a lawyer, financial adviser and a publicist. Duke’s publicist, Ed Moore, said, “He’s a remarkably intelligent, analytical, cerebral kind of guy, and he’s going to be great. I think if anyone can handle this well, it’ll be him.”

Waiting two weeks is nothing in comparison to Carl hunter who waited a huge four months before claiming his $97 million win in 2008.
Duke employs over twenty people to take care of his investments and organise his many charitable events and donations. He is a very private person and will not discuss his family or long time girlfriend with the media.




The Powerball lotto winner eventually quit his job, not because he wanted to but because he was tired of being hounded by people and managing his new found fortune was taking up so much of his time. He spent $14,500 of his Powerball lottery jackpot on a new VW Jetta, bought a few new bikes and gave each of his family members an annual present of $12,000. Duke then paid off his student loan of $18,000 and took 17 friends on a $63,000 trip to Tahiti. Duke paid off his $125,000 mortgage on his modest home and then sat back for a year or so before deciding how to invest his Powerball lotto money.

Duke set up a family trust with $1.3 million and has now invested $35 million in real estate, gas and oil. The remainder of his Powerball lottery jackpot is invested in low risk investments. Will he reach his $1 billion goal by 2015?