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So excited about his lotto win that he jumped for joy and pulled a leg muscle, Powerball Winner Doug Miron was, fortunately, fit enough to attend a ceremony to receive the winning cheque. Mr Miron, 43, said he has been using the same numbers for the past 17 years.

He and his late brother, Steve who passed away in 2003, loved to play Powerball regularly. He said he wished he was present to share this lucky moment. The draw held on 14th October 2009 revealed the winning Powerball numbers as 5, 15, 25, 30 and 40 with a Powerball of 6.

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As soon as he realized he had the winning numbers from the Powerball results, Mr Miron and family members drove to the lottery office in Madison to claim the prize fund and Mr Miron was also surrounded by friends and family at the presentation ceremony. Amongst his posse was his girlfriend, Miss Jody Nelson, his parents, three sisters and two brothers (plus all their children!). Mr Miron is well placed to receive great legal advice regarding his Powerball lottery jackpot win should he ever need it, as his father is the Peshtigo City Attorney and one of his brothers, David, is a Marinette County Circuit Court Judge.

Both are former Marinette County District Attorneys.





Continuing a pattern set by previous winners, Mr Miron has decided to take the lump sum payment of $16. After taxes that amounts to around $11.2 million that he will get for his Powerball lotto win. The store where the winning Powerball lottery ticket was purchased – City Limits at the intersection of Highway 64 and Highway 180 in Marinette – will also receive its own ‘lottery prize’ with a bonus payment of £100,000.

Many winners choose the cash option for their win such as Donald Damon when he won $96.6 million in 2009.




When asked how he felt about his new found status as a multi-millionaire Mr Miron, a former graduate of Peshtigo High School, said he would like to share some of the Powerball lottery jackpot winnings with his family. In addition, the talented chainsaw and wood sculptor, (he creates and sculpts art from tree stumps in clients’ gardens) would like to buy new equipment and continue in his, rather unique, line of work. He is also planning to buy a new pick-up truck and will continue playing Powerball using the same numbers in honour of his brother, in the hope that he will once again have the lucky Powerball lottery ticket.

This Powerball jackpot was the sixth largest in the state of Wisconsin since the game began over 20 years ago in 1992. Odds of winning the jackpot are about 1 in 100 million.
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