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It took Powerball Winners the Scheinost Family, of Missouri almost two months before they came forward and claimed their reward of $36 million. The winning numbers from the 2nd November 2005 drawing were 6, 11, 27, 41 and a Powerball of 38.

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This suburban Kansas City family have decided to take the cash payout which is $17.2 million before taxes, so each of the four family members will take home $4.3 million.
Another winner who took the cash option was Hugh Hawkins when he won $113.2 million in 2005.



Floyd Scheinost was watching WDAF TV Channel 4 and wrote down the winning Powerball results of the 2nd November 2005 draw.

“The top row just bloomed out like nothing I ever saw. After about ten minutes I called my son Phil and blew him away.”






It was Floyd Scheinost, aged 78, who bought the Powerball jackpot winning ticket. For years, he has been buying five Quick Pick tickets twice a week to play Powerball at Cosentino’s Apple Market at 11501 E. 63rd Street, Raytown. This time he bought his tickets with only hours to spare before the draw. Cosentino’s will receive $50,000 for selling the ticket with the winning Powerball numbers.

Stories of lottery winners abound and this one includes a whole family. Floyd Scheinost is a retired electrician and has three grown up children who always contributed to the weekly purchase of Powerball tickets. The Powerball lottery winner from Missouri wants to use his money to see more of the States. “There’s a good part of America I have never seen,” he said, “I plan on taking some tours.” He has already bought a new Mercury which he said was his way of celebrating.

Floyd’s eldest daughter is Becky and she is 52 years old and married. Becky is employed as a nurse at the Kansas City Women’s Clinic. Becky, and her husband Gary Pycior, have three children, two of whom are attending College. They say one of their first priorities will be to pay off their student loans and all other debts. Gary has worked for Hallmark for over twenty five years and now plans to indulge in his hobby and start a corporate events photographic company.

Phil Scheinost is 49 and followed in his dad’s footsteps and is an electrician in Overland Park. Phil is married to Cindy and they intend to pay off their debts and buy Cindy a new car using the Powerball jackpot money. Phil said, “We’ll travel. We may travel with Dad, if he’ll let us.”

Andy, who is 44, plans to buy a new house and replace his aging truck, which has 120,000 miles on it. Andy also wants to join Dad on his travels, perhaps on a train trip. This is one of those stories of lottery winners which make you feel so happy for a whole family.

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