Powerball Winner Steven Lloyd

Powerball Winner Steven Lloyd

Change from Granola Bar Wins Jackpot for Powerball Winner Steven Lloyd

November 2011 turned out to be a good month for Pennsylvanian Powerball Winner Steven Lloyd when he decided to play Powerball on a whim. He’d gone into the Turkey Hill convenience store near home to buy something to eat and a coffee. What do you do with the change? Well you buy a lottery ticket and quietly forget about it.

Discovering his win

The winning numbers that he matched in the Powerball lottery results were 9, 16, 17, 28 and 30, with a Powerball of 11, the big prize was $55.9 million, and the draw was on November 19th. It’s something a lot of us do. We buy a ticket, put it somewhere and then get on with our lives. Lloyd didn’t have any inkling until he was visiting his mother and his sister called out to say the winning Powerball lottery ticket had been bought in Turkey Hill. 
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Powerball Results

Powerball Winner Steven Lloyd opts for lump sum

Like many people who do the Powerball lottery such as 2012 $50 million winner Christopher McGurran, Lloyd decided to take a lump sum pay-out rather than an annuity, which means he got around $37.6 million before tax for his Powerball prize. Lloyd said he didn’t think he’d be going mad with the money; it would just make things a whole lot easier. He discovered he was a winner over the Thanksgiving weekend so had to wait four agonising days before he could confirm his win with the lottery office.
The 51 year old Powerball winner from Pennsylvania was not giving away what he was going to do with the money when he arrived to pick up his cheque but did let slip that he might buy a new jeep to replace his old one. Lloyd had already contacted a group of financial advisors to help him decide the best thing to do with the $37 million Powerball jackpot windfall. 

Bonus for Convenience Store

The Turkey Hill convenience store that sold the ticket with the winning Powerball numbers received a bonus of $100,000. And the store wasn’t the only winner. Like many states, Pennsylvania uses proceeds of lottery sales to help out others, in this case the older members of the state – in the year up until Steven Lloyd’s big win they had raised $65 million to help those in need.