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Powerball Winners Nukote 22

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Powerball Winners Nukote 22, a group of employees – past and present – of Nukote International (manufacturer of imaging supplies), have come forward to claim their jackpot.

The lucky 22, known collectively as The “Nukote 22”, had been playing for 9 years and each contributed $1 per week. The draw held on September 26th, resulted in quick pick Powerball numbers of 25-27-31-44-54 and Powerball of 8.




The group of Powerball lotto winners from Kentucky, made up of 20 women and two men, have yet to decide if they will opt for the cash lump sum or equal annual payments. If they did choose to take the cash option, they, will receive an equal share of $28.5 million. That means each winner would get $1.3 million before taxes.

The person who managed their syndicate is very organised and emailed the pools numbers prior to each draw.

That’s how one of the group made the initial discovery. Connie Mattingluy told reporters: “When I got up this morning, I heard the news on TV that the winning Powerball ticket had been sold in Bardstown,” she went on. “I logged onto my computer, saw the e-mail with our numbers, and the very first line matched the winners!”




In a state of disbelief Connie then called the person who bought the tickets – Jane Shelver. “Jane answered the phone, and I asked her if she was awake yet. Then I told her we won the lottery, and she got so excited she hung up on me!” Bardstown resident Mike Willett, also one of the winners, said the win couldn’t have come at a better time for some people. “There are a couple of folks who were laid off from their jobs this summer after working for the company 30 years,” said Willet. “However, they paid into the Powerball pool in order to stay in through the end of the year. It looks like things just got a lot easier for them.”




And what do some of the other Powerball lottery winners think of their new found fortunes? “It’s indescribable,” said Kathy Graham, one of the lucky winners. “We are all truly blessed. This group has been together for many years”. When Mary Dixon discovered they won, she said, “We just came in and Kathy told me, she said ‘We won the lottery!’ and just walked on past. I didn’t look back, then I saw Bonny crying, and was like whoa! I did my little dance.”




The news was the talk of the town and one of the group, who didn’t want to be named, didn’t even get a chance to tell her family. She said her daughter, hearing about the win at school, texted her for confirmation.” Yes baby we did.” was the happy reply!

The winning ticket, a Powerball quick pick, was sold on Monday in Bardstown at the 5 Star Food Mart at 120 E. Stephen Foster Avenue. The store will also receive a bonus for their part in the win. This $61.5 million jackpot is the sixth highest in Kentucky since July of 2003.