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On 7th August 2013, three tickets shared the New Jersey Powerball’s massive jackpot prize of $448,400,000. The identity of two ticket holders (Paul White and a syndicate known as Ocean’s 16) were well publicised, but Powerball Winner Mario Scarnici was not revealed to be the 3rd one until the Friday after the draw.

His name was revealed in a New Jersey Lottery press release that listed winners of smaller amounts.




According to the New Jersey Lottery spokeswoman Judith Drucker, details on lucky Powerball lottery jackpot winner Scarnici are few and far between. His unwillingness to appear at a celebratory press event suggested that Scarnici and his two sons were reluctant to publicise their New Jersey Powerball lottery fortune any further.

One winner who wanted to keep even more private was an anonymous $400 million Powerball jackpot winner from South Carolina in November 2012, who we still have no name for.




Mario Scarnici, a long time lottery fan in his 70s, chose to play Powerball at a Stop & Shop store in South Brunswick. He had been buying Powerball tickets there for years and told lottery officials “I go into the store and buy a newspaper and lottery tickets”. The shop benefited from $30,000 commission for selling a Powerball lottery jackpot winning ticket, and donated it to a local charity. A night manager at the Stop & Shop, said the winning ticket has been great for business and that employees are thrilled that the Powerball lottery winner from New Jersey came forward to claim his prize. “We were happy first of all that we sold it,” Jose Perez said in an interview. “We sold a ticket before but nobody claimed it.”

Selling a winning ticket is great business for shops, with another example of a healthy reward being the $50,000 that Bridgeton Mobil were rewarded for selling $96.5 million winners John and Susan Brands their ticket in March 2014.



Scarnici placed three New Jersey Powerball lottery games on a single ticket for the 7th August Powerball results draw, all of which were Quick Pick numbers (known as Lucky Dips in the UK).

It is known that Scarnici shared a portion of his Powerball jackpot earnings equally between his two adult sons.




Obviously a shrewd man, Scarnici had visited the New Jersey Lottery headquarters twice before officially claiming his Powerball lottery prize. Judith Drucker said “He was just coming in, questioning the process and how the process works and how much he would be receiving”. “He was making sure this was all real.” She added that Scarnici first went there on 12th August and again on 15th August to hand over his ticket. He finalized his win on 22nd August.

$124.9 million Powerball jackpot winner Mary Ann Thompson also took her time in finalising her win in July 2014, when she chose to get financial advice first before doing anything else.




This was not the only time that the Powerball lottery had made several multi-millionaires in a single draw, this is quite common, but it was only the second time ever that two of them were from the same state. The last time this had occurred was in 1993 when two ticket holders from Washington DC won the Powerball lottery jackpot.

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Playmobil USA has its headquarters in South Brunswick, New Jersey and it is also the home of Donald Fagen, best known as the co-founder of the rock band Steely Dan.