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Powerball Winner – William Swanson II

Powerball winner William Swanson II was the lucky winner of the jackpot on 23rd April 2011. The winning numbers he matched in the Powerball results were 3-11-47-48-58 with the Powerball of 19. The Powerball jackpot stood at $74 million dollars. This is the second Powerball lotto jackpot win for Indiana in the month of April.

The first one was $221.7 million and was won by two welders from Clarksville. The odds against winning this jackpot were over 197 million to 1.



William Swanson lives in Houston, Texas but visited his mother over Easter in Merrillville. He was born in Gary and then moved to Merrillville where he spent his youth. William Swanson studied geology at Indiana University and is a professional geoscientist in Houston, Texas.

Swanson and his 81 year old mother, Marilyn have a ritual where they always play Powerball when William comes to visit. They always buy from Meijer which is situated at 611 W. Lincoln Highway, Merrillville. On this visit they bought two Quick Pick tickets and William left them with his Mom when he flew back to Texas.

Marilyn couldn’t believe her eyes when she checked the tickets and found that they had the winning Powerball numbers and had won the Powerball lotto jackpot. She immediately rang her son and he booked the first flight he could from Houston back the Merrillville and arrived late that same evening.



A dummy cheque for $74 million was presented to William Swanson by Hoosier Lottery Executive Director, Kathryn Densborn. Swanson could have taken the Powerball jackpot win over a thirty year period but he opted for the cash payout, which is $37.7 million and $27 million after taxes. The majority of winners tend to go for the cash option, just as Neil Wanless did in 2009 when he won $232.1 million.

The lucky Powerball winners’ first priority is his mother. She had a tough upbringing during the depression. Marilyn was one of ten children who shared a one bedroom house with her parents. She had a wonderful marriage but sadly lost her husband a few years ago, after fifty eight years of marriage.

“She can live the rest of her life exactly the way she wants,” William Swanson said. “She will never have to go into a nursing home.” Swanson intends to buy his mother a house in the Houston area so he can see her more often and keep an eye on her. He also intends to buy himself a red Cadillac.

William Swanson is going to take some time to think about his future, he doesn’t want to rush into anything he may regret later. “I enjoy my job. I need to take a little time thinking about it before I retire.” Swanson has a thirteen year old son and they both share a passion for scuba diving. He is looking forward to spending long holidays with his son doing what they both love thanks to his winning Powerball numbers. As for the rest of life and how he will spend the money, he will decide when he has got over the shock.

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