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Magistrate W. Randy Smith wins the Powerball jackpot

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Berkeley County Magistrate, W. Randy Smith, won $79 million on the West Virginia Powerball jackpot on 23rd August 2010 after buying just one Powerball Quick Pick ticket at the Mountaineer ROCS convenience store in Martinsburg. His lucky Powerball numbers were 7, 10, 12, 22, 27, and the Powerball was 26.


West Virginia Lottery Director, John Musgrave presented Randy, 63, with his dummy cheque for $79 million. He has decided to take the cash payout for his Powerball lotto jackpot which amounts to $44,347,250 before taxes and $30,377,866 after taxes. Smith said he knew that he would win one day.

Randy Smith is well known in the area as he was country sheriff for eight years. He has been a magistrate for the last two years. He said that he will ensure a replacement is found for him before he resigns as magistrate and will certainly fulfil all his obligations before leaving his position.

Governor Joe Manchin, who is a friend of Randy’s, was also at the press conference. He was presented with a cheque for $2 million for the state, and says it will assist senior citizens and be put to good use in the education and tourisms sectors. Manchin said, “I am so happy to have someone with this kind of character be in this position, because Randy really steps up to the plate and helps everybody. I have never heard a bad word about him. He is a true public servant.”

Another lucky recipient thanks to Randy Smith’s Powerball lotto win was Steve Roach, who is vice president of the company that owns Mountaineer ROCS and a friend of Randy Smith’s. Roach was given a cheque for $100,000 for selling the ticket with the lucky Powerball numbers on it; he said this money would be given to charities in the area. Roach said, “I am glad I could be there. And it all went well with Randy, he was levelled and seemed really well settled about the whole thing. Of course, his family were really excited, so that was nice to see.”





Randy said he has always put his family first and this win has come at a really good time, as some members of his family are battling with money. For example, his granddaughter was retrenched a couple of months ago and is struggling to find another job. Using his Powerball jackpot money, Smith plans to buy houses for each of his children and will replace his aging vehicles which have over 100,000 miles on the clock. Smith also has a sister who is disabled whom he cares for, so his Powerball lotto winnings will be well spent. The lottery winner said he is determined to spend his money in his home state.

Randy’s assistant since 2008, Mary Angelo, said that even though it was known that the Powerball lotto jackpot had been won by someone who had bought their ticket from Mountaineer ROCS convenience store, Smith was convinced he wasn’t the winner. It was only when Angelo checked his ticket for him and told him that he was the winner that Randy Smith left his office and had it officially checked.

“A lot of people told me it’s never going to happen, it’s never going to happen – including my daughter – who told me for twenty five years, it’s never going to happen.” Randy said at the press conference and, “If you don’t play, you can’t win.”

The Powerball lottery winner firmly believes that God had a hand in his good fortune, “There’s a reason for everything …. I believe I am the luckiest man in the world because of all the people I have met and served for all these years.”


W. Randy Smith, although retired, will always be a public servant. The whole community has benefited enormously from his Powerball jackpot win. Millions of dollars have been given to the fire, police and ambulance departments alone. Ambulances have been bought, along with snow-plough fully equipped trucks for the fire department and a fully mobile forensic unit for the police department. Randy Smith has also donated $5 million to the West Virginia Community Foundation and has bought an armoured vehicle for the local SWAT team.


Berkeley Circuit Judge John Yoder said it was great to see someone like Randy Smith win the Powerball jackpot, “Magistrate Smith will project positively on West Virginia as compared to a past winner that was an embarrassment to the State’s image. I am so used to visiting with him on a regular basis when going to and from the court room and my office, so I’ll miss seeing him on a regular basis, since I expect him to resign soon and more fully enjoy his life and his lottery winnings.”