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Powerball Winners the Barrie Edwards Family are top of the list when it comes to stories of winners. When he won $86.3 million in the 2nd August Powerball draw, he remembered his verbal agreement with his brother, Terry. They had always said, that should they have a big lottery win, then they would share it and that is exactly what Barrie Edwards did.

Fourteen family members will benefit from this Powerball jackpot.



Barrie Edwards, aged 67, didn’t even buy the ticket which made him a multi millionaire. He bought two Pennsylvania Match 6 tickets and received a promotional Powerball quick pick for free. They were purchased from Turkey Hill store on Willow Street Pyke, in Willow Street, Lancaster County.

Turkey Hill was delighted to receive $100,000 and become part of the stories of Powerball winners and enter the history books.





Edwards and his family have opted to take their Powerball reward as a once off cash payout of $42,529,765.37. The Powerball quick pick winning numbers were 2, 5, 28, 33, 54, and the Powerball of 30. This is the tenth largest prize won in Pennsylvania. Barrie Edwards Powerball reward will be shared as follows:-

  • Barrie and Jean Edwards – $17,064,882.50
  • Terry and Linda Edwards – $17,064,882.50
  • Robert and Elaine Funk – $1.4 million
  • Jeffrey and Donna Funk – $1.4 million
  • Melanie Funk – $1.4 million
  • Gerald and Lynne Hess – $1.4 million
  • K. Scott Edwards – $1.4 million
  • Ronald and Yvonne Edwards – $1.4 million



Barrie’s wife, Jean, aged 64, went to Lottery headquarters to collect the cheque on the family’s behalf. She said that Barrie, who is now retired, was busy mowing the lawn and was extremely “camera shy.” Secretary of Revenue Tom Wolf and Lottery Executive Director, Ed Trees presented the cheque to Jean Edwards at the Lottery Headquarters in Middletown. “The Edwards and Funk family weren’t the only winners in the August 2nd Powerball drawing,” said Wolf, “Pennsylvania’s older residents benefit from programmes funded by lottery proceeds and the August 2nd jackpot generated $6.2 million for those projects.”

Jean said, “Everybody’s getting something. We just thought we’d help out these younger ones (nieces and nephews), who are all in their 40’s. We want to give them some financial security.”




Jean was already in bed when Barrie Edwards watched his winning Powerball numbers appear on the TV screen. “I had gone to bed,” said Jean, “He came up and said, ‘we won the Powerball!’ I said, ‘Yeah, right. Turn off the light, I’m trying to sleep.” Barrie kept on insisting that they had won, so Jean finally got out of bed and checked the number online and discovered he was not joking. Even though it was midnight, they were so excited that they had to phone Barrie’s brother, Terry, who is a retired plumber.

“At first they didn’t believe us,” said Jean, “Then they sort of went into shock.”




The couples decided to keep their success a secret as they had heard stories of Powerball winners being chased by the press and generally harassed. Jean is a retired banker and was therefore determined that they should seek sound financial advice before announcing their win to the world. “We didn’t want it getting out,” Jean said. “You don’t know what might happen. We’ve lost a lot of sleep.”

The family haven’t decided exactly what to do with their money yet. The one event that is planned is a big family trip to Disney World to celebrate their good fortune. Jean said that they will probably buy a new house and perhaps a new car but she didn’t see their lives changing much. They have worked hard all their lives and saved money so that they could be comfortable in their retirement, this win is just the cherry on the top. A big cherry!

Yvonne Edwards, aged 46, says that she plans to pay off her house and Linda Edwards has retired from her job in marketing at The Jay Group.