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If you were thinking of joining a work lottery group and weren’t totally sure if it would pay off, well here’s the proof that it can deliver big – really big! Powerball Winners SEPTA 48, made up of 48 employees, won the $107.5 million Powerball jackpot reward from the draw held on April 25th 2012. Their lucky Powerball numbers were: 04-25-29-34-43, with the Powerball 29.

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They weren’t the only succesful Powerball work syndicate that year either, as $241 million winners The Shipping 20 showed in June 2012.



In case you were wondering what SEPTA stands for, it is the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority which operates various forms of public transit, including bus, subway and elevated rail, commuter rail, light rail, and electric trolley bus. It serves 3.9 million people in and around the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

All of the winning SEPTA employees work at SEPTA headquarters on Market Street. Most of them work in the finance department.





The winning Powerball Quick Pick ticket was bought by the group co-ordinator Bryant Vaders from the News Stand Gallery which is close to the groups’ office. In total he bought 120 quick pick tickets which resulted in the group becoming Powerball winners. “We always try to go to different retailers to buy our tickets,” explained Vaders.


Describing the moment she found out she was a Powerball winner, Pamela Schurgot, group member and manager of contract grant compliance at SEPTA said “I was really busy when I got a call from Bryant that the winning ticket was sold at the Gallery,”

“I thought he was messing around, but I dropped everything to check the tickets.” Shortly thereafter a shout went up from her office “We won!”

Pamela yelled. She started to write an email to let everyone know about the Powerball results, but good news travels fast and before she had the chance to finish it, employees rushed into her office.





Schurgot and nine of her colleagues and fellow Powerball winners were presented the ticket for validation on the same day as the draw at Lottery headquarters in Middletown, Dauphin County. Lottery officials then confirmed it was the jackpot-winning ticket after examining it carefully and undertaking specific security measures.


The group were presented with a ceremonial cheque of over $107 million for their Powerball reward by Todd Rucci, Lottery Executive Director. As the group are finance employees they quickly calculated that each person would receive $2.2 million (before taxes) thanks to their lucky Powerball Quick Pick ticket. It’s always heart-warming to hear winner’s stories. However it can also send a cautionary message to those who don’t make their weekly contributions to the lottery fund, in this case, to play Powerball. SEPTA spokesman Richard Maloney said, “I hear there’s one person who didn’t get in it this week, didn’t buy it, kind of going, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe I didn’t do it.’

Prior to this one, the Powerball’s last big jackpot win came on on Feb. 11th 2012 where we saw an annuity of $336.4 million paid out.

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