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Powerball Winners Arizona 9 scooped one half of a $94.1 million jackpot on the Arizona Powerball Lottery in November 2006.

A lottery syndicate group from an architectural firm were confirmed as co-winners of the Arizona Powerball Lottery jackpot from November 1st 2006. The 9 – made up of 7 co-workers and 2 spouses – claimed half of the jackpot and their share was over $47 million. The winning Powerball numbers which were lucky for the group were 7, 8, 13, 46, and 54. The Powerball was 35.

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Collecting their ceremonial cheque at Arizona Lottery HQ following their luck in the Powerball results, the group were in fine form singing “We’re in the Money,” over and over again. Arizona Lottery Executive Director Art Macias commented that he was “delighted” about having an Arizona Powerball winner.

He went on: “The last time we made Arizona lottery history it was a jackpot winner in December 2004 and, although we have had 68 second-place winning tickets since then, we think we’re due for another big jackpot. And this being our 25th Anniversary, the timing couldn’t be better for these winners and the Arizona communities!”




Identifying themselves as:Tanya and Steve Poirier, Mark Kristen, Dawn and Mitchell Levy, Jinia Sarkar, Eve Kalliokoski, all of Phoenix; Andrew Schuh, Queen Creek; and Scott Alack, Tempe, the Arizona 9 spokesperson Tanya said they were “tickled pink” with the win and that she was over the moon to be an Arizona Powerball winner.

Tanya, who also buys the tickets, said she brought the “syndicate tradition” to the local architectural firm from a former job.

They have been playing for a little over 12 months but generally only play Powerball when the jackpot is around $100 million.



They discovered that they were the lucky group with the winning Powerball numbers when one of the group checked the Powerball results online, printed out the winning numbers and took them to Tanya. She then checked and double-checked to confirm they were correct.

Then she notified the other co-workers who in turn called their spouses. “Neither spouse believed them; they thought it was a joke,” she said. Everybody was still in a state of disbelief that they had won the Powerball lottery jackpot until they came to the Lottery to claim their prize. “That’s when we knew it was really real,” said Tanya.

It’s not uncommon for winners to be in disbelief about a huge lottery win. 2010 winner Rob Anderson bagged $128.6 million and couldn’t believe his eyes at his prize.





Although Arizona’s latest Powerball jackpot winners wouldn’t be drawn on what they would do with their winnings, when asked by reporters if they could continue to play the reply was a very certain “Oh yeah! We had winners on other tickets and just rolled them over for the next draw.”

The funds will be subject to Arizona lottery tax.




Arizona sold one of the two winning Powerball jackpot tickets; the other was bought in Minnesota. For the November 1st draw, Arizona sold more than 27,640 winning tickets. The lucky ticket was sold at 7-Eleven #16393, 2424 W. Greenway Rd., Phoenix, and for selling it, 7-Eleven will receive a $25,000 bonus as part of the Lottery’s retailer incentive programme.
Since joining the Powerball in 1994, Arizona has produced eight Powerball jackpot winners. Arizona Powerball lottery sales have exceeded $1.2 billion and have generated approximately $405 million for the state.

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