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Powerball Winner Carlo Mitchell, known as ‘Carl’ to his friends, from Fresno became California’s first Powerball lottery jackpot winner on 23rd October 2013 scooping the $216 million prize. It is the second largest lottery win in California and Carl’s winning numbers in the Powerball results were 03, 23, 31, 34, 47 with Powerball number 13.


Carl is 68, a Vietnam veteran and a retired nuclear medicine technician from St. Agnes Medical Centre. He has been married to Erlinda, nicknamed Lulu, for 27 years. Lulu is 66 and retired from being a registered nurse just a few months before the Powerball lotto win. Every week Carl Mitchell has played the same three sets of numbers for the SuperLotto Plus, Mega Millions and Powerball lotto. “These numbers are random, common, lucky numbers I play all the time,” Carl told reporters.

The lucky lottery winner decided to play Powerball at east-central Fresno’s Fast ‘N Easy store. When the Powerball winning numbers were announced, a friend of Carl’s rang him to say that the winning ticket had been bought at the Fast ‘N Easy store. Carl said he really didn’t pay much attention to the call but while he was waiting for an X-ray at the local hospital, he saw the number flash on the television screen. “I had a pretty good suspicion but didn’t say anything.”

He went home and while he was checking his Powerball lotto ticket, Lulu was out in the front yard receiving a furniture delivery. Carl came out to tell her that they had won the Powerball lottery jackpot and she promptly fainted on the new couch which was on the lawn. “I blacked out right there on the new couch,” Lulu said, “I just couldn’t believe it.”



Carl Mitchell then decided that he needed time to think and plan before he came forward with his winning Powerball ticket. “It takes time to meet the lawyers, accountants and financial planners you trust,” he told the press when asked why it had taken him so long to claim his Powerball lottery jackpot.

Carl finally got in his car with Lulu on 5th November and drove to the lottery headquarters in Sacramento to have the winning Powerball ticket verified. C A Lottery Commission supervisor, Henry Hernandez said “We’ve been waiting for him to come in. We thought maybe he lost his ticket or something!”

Carl has opted to take the lump sum option and will receive $123.4 million after taxes for his Powerball lottery jackpot.
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Carl and Lulu Mitchell cancelled a California Lottery press conference at the last minute because they decided they just didn’t want the publicity. It is their prerogative, as under state rules only the names of the winners have to be released.

Unfortunately, the press immediately camped out outside the Mitchell’s house hoping to get a glimpse of the Powerball jackpot winner, so they decided to give an impromptu press conference in the hope that the press would then leave them alone and let them get on with their lives. The only stipulation was that their faces were photographed. As Carl said of the press, “Hopefully they won’t chase us away, this is our biggest fear.” The couple want to stay in their home in Fresno, they have no intention of moving. “This could be a blessing or a curse,” Carl said, “you don’t know at this point: we’ll find out.”

B. Raymond Buxton took home $425 million from the Powerball in February 2014 and also insisted on being allowed to live a private life.



Lulu told her husband at least once a week, that spending almost $100 a month on Powerball lotto and other lottery tickets was a waste of money. She commented, “I’m glad he didn’t listen to me.”

Lulu was considering going back to work as a registered nurse at the Clovis Community Medical Centre, “Now I don’t think I’m going back, not even as part-time,” she laughed.



The Mitchell’s said they have always enjoyed a quiet life and want it to remain that way despite their Powerball lottery jackpot success. They will be giving money to their church and to their two grown up children and grandchildren and also helping out some old friends.

Winners often show genorisity following lottery success, with February 2013 winner of $217 million, Dave Honeywell another example as he donated $4 million to charity following his win.

They have no intention of moving but would like to buy a couple of holiday homes, perhaps by a lake and by the sea. Carl and Lulu are also looking forward to taking a holiday whenever they choose.

Friends and neighbours are quoted as saying how kind and giving the family is and how they are “already rich in their hearts.” They know that being multimillionaires will not change them.

Carl Mitchell will still use the same winning Powerball numbers and buy his lottery tickets at the same store in the hope that he will win again. “Hey,” he said, “if I can set a new record, why not?”