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The 19th October 2005 was an exceptionally lucky day for Powerball Winners the Chaney and West Families as they won the biggest Oregon Powerball prize yet. It was Frances Chaney, aged 68, who bought the winning ticket from Ray’s Food Place, Jacksonville, southwest Oregon.


Frances’ husband, Robert, aged 72 and their daughter and son-in-law, Carolyn and Steve West, all chipped in to buy $40’s worth of lottery tickets to play Powerball.



The winning Powerball numbers that Francis Chaney chose were 7, 21, 43, 44, 49 and a Powerball of 29.
To see whether any of these numbers are amongst the most drawn historically, you can take a look at our Powerball numbers statistics.

The Powerball winners from Oregon have decided to take the cash payout of $164,410,058 million which will be around $110 million after taxes for their Powerball lottery jackpot.

Robert and Frances Chaney will receive $34,102,514, Steve and Carolyn will get a Powerball prize of $39,352,514. Robert and Frances’ son, Steven, will receive $3.5 million and daughters Brenda Green, Sue Kramer and Robin Whitzel will also get $3.5 million. Steve West’s brother Gary will also share in the Oregon Powerball jackpot and receive $3.5 million.




There were over 20 family and friends present at Oregon State Lottery Headquarters in Salem on 9th November to watch the Chaney and West Families collect their Powerball lottery jackpot.

“I’m still in disbelief we won the big one,” Francis Chaney said. “We have a long road ahead of us, and I just pray every day that the Lord will lead us and guide us with this blessing he has bestowed upon us. I am glad we are able to share it with our family.”

Steve West does not intend to give up his job despite the success on the Oregon Powerball lottery. He wants to remain grounded.

Steve said that already he is getting too much media attention and is recognised wherever he goes.

“You daydream a lot of times about what you would do with the money,” West said. “But you don’t really expect how it would change your life and how things around you might change, until you’ve actually won the money and things begin to fall into place. It’s scary.”

In contrast Jackie Alston won $74.5 million in 2006 and left her job within 24 hours.





Francis Chaney said she went on to the Internet on the evening of the 19th October to check the Powerball results. When she saw that she had the winning Powerball numbers, she didn’t believe it, so went on as many sites as she could to check that the Powerball results she had seen were correct. Only when Francis was absolutely convinced that her ticket had the winning Powerball numbers, did she ring her daughter.

The family of Powerball winners from Oregon then checked and rechecked their ticket against the Powerball jackpot numbers. They then heard that the winning ticket had been bought in Jacksonville and slowly realised that they were definitely multi millionaires.



Steve West says he will buy his wife a new car and perhaps get himself a sports car but he doesn’t plan to change his life too much.

Francis Chaney said that her husband, Robert, has always wanted a yellow Hummer and that he has already indulged in his lifelong dream and it is sitting at home.

Motors were high on Powerball winner Brad Dukes spending list as well when he won $220.3 million in 2005.




Steve and Carolyn West moved from their modest home to a beautiful house on six acres, complete with pool, massive water slide, Jacuzzi and the works thanks to their Oregon Powerball lottery prize. The driver of the removal company was astounded that they could move from their small home to this mansion, and jokingly asked if they had won the lottery.

Carolyn West replied, “Yes, we really did.” Steve has also built an exceptionally large greenhouse where he grows orchids and other tropical plants. They have bought two fancy BMW’s and a GMC Yukon to carry the kids to school. The West’s took their family to Europe for a long vacation and came back loaded with designer goodies.

Robert Chaney bought his yellow Hummer only days after hearing of his Oregon Powerball lottery win. Very sadly, Robert didn’t get to drive his vehicle and died on 2nd October 2006 after a series of falls. He didn’t even go on the Alaskan cruise that he had longed to go on all his life. The Chaney’s bought a French style country house near their daughter’s new home.




The Powerball winners from Oregon have set up trusts to help children and families in the southern Oregon area.


Their focus is on abuse, addiction and poverty within families and they want to help families overcome obstacles through a faith based programme. The other area which the foundation covers is trying to ensure that public safety providers have the knowledge and equipment to protect and save lives.

Barry and Barbara Salzman won $15 million in 2007 and vowed to make a sizeable donation to some of their favourite charities.