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Powerball Winner Chris Shaw

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Powerball Winner Chris Shaw from Missouri was the incredibly lucky winner of the Powerball jackpot on 21st April 2010. He won a massive $258 million with the winning Powerball numbers 11, 34, 41, 49, 55, and the Powerball 20.

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$7.25 AN HOUR

Chris was earning $7.25 an hour at a local convenience store and had only $28.96 in the bank, when he won the Powerball lotto. He decided to play Powerball at Break Time convenience store where he works. The store is situated in Marshall, about 80 miles from Kansas City and they will receive $50,000 for selling the winning Powerball lottery ticket.


Shaw’s boss, Jackie Maxwell, who is general manager of the Break Time stores in Missouri said, “He’s just a great guy, a good employee. When you think of a large win like this, everyone likes to see that the person who has won is like Chris.”




Chris Shaw’s girlfriend, Tosha Ewry, rang him to say that the Powerball lotto jackpot had been won by someone who had bought a ticket from the store where he worked. Shaw immediately went online to check his ticket against the Powerball results.

As soon as he knew he had won, he called his girlfriend and broke the news to her but she didn’t believe him. “I swear on a stack of Bibles. You need to leave work and come home.” Shaw told Tosha.






Chris Shaw has three children, a ten year old son and daughters aged seven and five. They live with their mothers in the town where he was born, Alton, which is 240 miles from where Shaw lives now. Chris Shaw’s girlfriend also has two sons, aged thirteen and fifteen. Shaw plans to take all the children on a once in a lifetime trip to Disney World in Florida thanks to his winning Powerball numbers. He says he doesn’t see much of his kids as he lives so far away and works full time but, “I can be with them as much as I want now.”

Chris says he has already had requests from the children for new bikes and skateboards and other goodies following the Powerball lottery jackpot win, “just stuff that’s really hard to do when you make $7.25 an hour.” One of the things February 2010 winner of $141.4 million Frank Griffin was happiest about following his win was being able to spend more time with his family.




Chris says he doesn’t know whether he is going to take the cash payout, which would be a lump sum of $124,875,122 or whether he is going to take the 30 payments over 29 years. He is going to discuss his options in regards to his Powerball lottery jackpot “with people who know about money.” He told lottery officials at the Missouri Lottery Headquarters in Jefferson City that he is “just a regular guy, working pay cheque to pay cheque….well, not any more.”

“We didn’t come from money. For us it’s just going to be a huge relief to know I’m going to be able to pay my electric bill, my gas bill.” Shaw added, “It’s like a weight lifted. I had bills at home that I didn’t know how they were going to be paid.”

One thing Shaw is very excited about is being able to have his teeth replaced thanks to his Powerball prize. His big smile, as he collected his dummy cheque, exposed the fact that his front teeth are missing. He said it was his own fault that he lost them, because he neglected his teeth.

Chris Shaw had just bought an old car from a friend for $1000 and said he would pay him back at $100 a month – that certainly won’t be a problem now thanks to his Powerball lotto win. Shaw is planning to buy a much grander vehicle and perhaps a farm somewhere so that the children have lots of space to run around when they come and stay with him.
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